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Verdict Guilty June 26, 2017

A surprisingly polished indie fighting game that takes place in Neo Seoul, South Korea. Currently less than a dollar in the Steam Summer Sale!

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 53: Adventure (2600), Hakaioh: King of Crusher, Hexen II June 14, 2017

Join HG101 corporate counsel and special guests Derek and Grace from Stop Skeletons From Fighting as they punch sheep, punch desks, and slay duck dragons.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 51: Star Wars: Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight, Evergrace June 14, 2017

Join the HG101 videonauts as they chat about THAT From Software game and Luke Skywalker's lazy ass. Patreon bonus game for this episode is coin-op classic Rampage.

HG101 at Too Many Games in Oaks, PA, June 23-25, 2017 June 21, 2017

Time for Too Many Games! I've got a table again this year, where you can buy all of the HG101 books (including the brand new Retro Game Super Translation Selection and Contra and Other Konami Classics books), as well as previews of two upcoming books to browse through. I'll also be sharing the table with Carrie Wood, author of the The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Video Games, which I also contributed a couple of articles to and will also be available for sale. Stop on by!

PacaPlus June 21, 2017

Your girlfriend is an alpaca in this cult classic visual novel, recently localized into English by Sekai Project.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 52: Star Wars: Dark Forces II, Ecco the Dolphin, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic June 14, 2017

Join the HG101 muppeteers as they save the world with the healing power of a dolphin's song. Patreon bonus game for this episode is Konami's mega-brawler X-Men.

Ys Origin June 14, 2017

Ys Origin was recently ported to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita courtesy of DotEmu (after otherwise being PC-exclusive), so we've updated our article with a short review, plus made a few small additions to the rest of the article (Ys I/II smartphone port, Ys VI PC English version).

Your Weekly Kusoge: Day Dreamin' Davey June 12, 2017

While this NES game from Sculptured Software has a rather high concept story and ambitious structure, it's also a barely functional one with some baffling design choices

Kero Blaster June 9, 2017

Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya's follow-up to Cave Story isn't quite as complex, but it manages to perfect its simple design in incredibly impressive ways.

Fatal Labyrinth / Dragon Crystal June 5, 2017

Two early console Rogue-likes from Sega, predating the establishment of this particularly genre by the Mystery Dungeon games.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 50: Krull the Conqueror (Atari 2600), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles June 4, 2017

Join the HG101 talking heads as they go all-out on this special 50th episode, talking 'bout toothy space boomerangs and did someone call for a marsupial with attitude?

Plok June 2, 2017

John and Ste Pickford's dadaist SNES platformer stands out from the typical 16-bit platformer fare, especially due to its excellent soundtrack by the Follin brothers.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Fight For Life May 30, 2017

If Kasumi Ninja wasn't enough, Fight For Life just continues the Jaguar's streak for reprehensible fighting games, though this time patterned after Virtua Fighter instead of Mortal Kombat.

Masochisia May 28, 2017

A disturbing first person adventure game based on real life serial killer Albert Fish.

Raid Wind 2: ALLTYNEX May 25, 2017

Our article on the excellent doujin shoot-em-up series Alltynex has been expanded to include its FM Towns originator, Raid Wind 2.

C-Dogs May 25, 2017

One of the many titles that popped up on shareware compilation discs, this DOS shooter, also known as Cyberdogs, contains such simple joy as blasting stuff and collecting goofy stuff.

Crisis Beat May 21, 2017

A 3D beat-em-up reminiscent of the Dynamite Deka (Die Hard Arcade) series, released for the PS1 in Japan and Europe.

Lucifer Ring May 21, 2017

The follow-up to Crisis Beat, Lucifer Ring is a somewhat more successful second attempt at a 3D beat-em-up, this time giving the game a fantasy makeover.

Noobow May 18, 2017

A 1992 licensed game by Irem based on a Japanese chocolate mascot, a simple but enjoyable game that just about anyone can get into and enjoy.

Elemental Gearbolt May 14, 2017

One of the rare non-Namco light gun games worth playing on the PlayStation, taking place in a fantasy world and featuring a vaguely RPG-esque leveling system.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 49: Zombie Nation, Shaq Fu May 12, 2017

Join the HG101 Soda Shaq afficianados as they chat about interdimensional martial arts quests and the best giant head in shoot-em-ups.

Brigador May 11, 2017

A recent isometric mecha shooter, basically Desert Strike with the style of Syndicate and Shadowrun.

Hellsinker May 9, 2017

A ridiculously deep doujin shoot-em-up, whose mechanics resemble that of Battle Garegga by the way of Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun.

Flinthook May 6, 2017

An indie rogue-lite where you use your hook to zip around levels and hunt for cash, rendered with some beautiful pixelwork.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 48: Sonic Adventure, Pac Man May 6, 2017

Join the HG101 big fat party animals as they talk attitude-having mascot animals and video games' greatest pie graph.

Assault Trooper May 4, 2017

An ugly but nonetheless fantastic IBM PC game that deserves more attention, especially those who remember playing the demo on those "100+ Games" disks of yore.

Splatter Master May 1, 2017

A vaguely cutesy Halloween-themed budget side-scroller for the PlayStation 2, vaguely recalling the super deformed Famicom classic Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 47: Pilotwings 64, Goemon's Great Adventure Apr 30, 2017

Join the HG101 Nester lookalikes and special guest Guru Larry as they discuss jet-belts versus jet-packs, sexy car magazines, and P-L-A-S-M-A!!

Adventures of Musashi Apr 29, 2017

One of the Famicom's many Dragon Quest clones, with two major distinctions: it's a humorous story based on samurai legend Musashi Miyamoto, and it was developed by Quest, the folks that eventually went on to make Ogre Battle.

Primal Rage 2 Apr 26, 2017

Thought to be unemulateable, the unreleased Primal Rage 2 has recently been dumped and incorporated into MAME, so now we can see what could have been, without traveling to the one arcade in the US that had a cabinet!

Dino Rex Apr 26, 2017

Taito's prehistoric fighting game uses digitized photos of dinosaur models, essentially making it the predecessor to Primal Rage.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 46: Mega Man Legends, Superman 64 Apr 26, 2017

Join the HG101 satellite pirates as they chat about cuteness science and the fine art of hoop-flying.

Bust a Groove Apr 22, 2017

A series of rhythm games that arrived on the PS1 in the wake of Parappa the Rapper, they seem quaint and simple nowadays, but the weird characters and catchy music has still earned this series a small but faithful following.

500 Word Indies: Science Girls Apr 19, 2017

A short Japanese-style RPG about six teenage geniuses thwarting an alien invasion involving bizarre plant creatures, mind controlling worms, and tentacle monster

500 Word Indies: Nighthaw-X3000 Apr 19, 2017

An indie shoot-em-up based on that neon retro gridline art style, complete with rad synthwave soundtrack.

The Silver Case Apr 18, 2017

Goichi Suda's trippy adventure game, the predecessor to Flower, Sun and Rain and Killer 7, originally released on the PS1, finally makes it way into English.

Yakuza Fury Apr 15, 2017

A simple but fun beat-em-up for the PlayStation 2, released as part of the Simple 2000 budget line. No relation to the Sega series, of course, but worth checking out if you just want to play as a Japanese mafia dude pummeling other Japanese mafia dudes.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 45: Katamari Damacy, Windjammers Apr 14, 2017

Join the HG101 world-champion cross-talkers as they chat about sticky balls, rainbow breath, and the exciting world of semi-pro frisbee pong.

Gurumin Apr 12, 2017

Falcom's cutesy action-platformer first made its way to the US on the PSP, but has since been released in English on its native PC platform, and more recently, on the 3DS.

Kowloon's Gate Apr 9, 2017

A cult classic Japanese PS1 FMV-adventure game, taking place in a mysteriously reborn Kowloon Walled City, renown for its stylish and bizarre visual design. Also includes a history of the Kowloon Walled City and an introduction to the concepts of feng shui, both of which are important to understanding the game.

Killer Instinct (Part 2 of 2) Apr 7, 2017

The Killer Instinct reboot, against all odds, actually turned out to be really good, with continual support across the seasons that's built itself into a solid fighter.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 44: Shinobi III, Night Trap, Dungeon Master Apr 7, 2017

Join the HG101 BMX bandits as they talk ninjas, closet vampires, and floor cheese.

Alwa's Awakening Apr 5, 2017

A cute NES-style Metroidvania, with light puzzle elements from Solomon's Key and masocore elements from Battle Kid.

Coming Soon: Retro Game Super Translation Selection (English edition) Feb 1, 2017

HG101 is happy to announce that we are publishing a localized version of Retro Game Super Translation Selection, a doujinshi that highlights various written localization changes in 8 and 16-bit games.

HG101 Presents Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2 is now available! Dec 11, 2016

Our other latest book is now available on Amazon (and Amazon UK and other European Amazon sites). Discover the golden age of Sega classics with games like Zaxxon, Pengo, and Ninja Princess, along with cult favorites like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Aurail, Bonanza Bros., and more! Check out the table of contents here. Also available as a PDF!

The HG101 and Sonic & Sega Fan Jam 2016 Fanbook is now available! Dec 14, 2016

Created for the Sonic & Sega Fan Jam, this 76 page book features several Sega reviews and introductions to some of Sega's long-running series, plus two covers: one designed in the classic SMS grid style and one featuring Sonic and other Sega pals! Check out the table of contents here. Also available as a PDF!

Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Now Available in German! Nov 3, 2016

Hardcore Gaming 101 gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch! Mit „Hardcore Gaming 101 presents: Sega Arcade Classics (Deutsche Edition)“ kommt das erste Buch der Hardcore Gaming 101 Reihe jetzt auch nach Deutschland. Lasst euch in die Spielhallen der 80er und 90er entführen und erfahrt mehr über die bekannten und weniger bekannten Spiele des ehemaligen Konsolenherstellers!

Xanadu Next Apr 2, 2017

Falcom's cult classic Xanadu Next was finally released on Steam late last year, and apparently has gone quite underlooked. We've revised and updated our article to give this fantastic title another chance on the spotlight - a fresh melding of Japanese and Western RPG philosophies - as well as updating some of the associated Dragon Slayer articles.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 43: Chrono Trigger, Demon's Souls, Flashback Apr 1, 2017

Join the HG101 Get Fresh Crew and special guest Kim Justice as they discuss three outstanding games! But they're still hungry...

Thimbleweed Park Mar 30, 2017

This crowd sourced point-and-click from Rob Gilbert and Gary Winnick recalls the glory days of LucasArts' reign.

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 42: Donkey Kong '94, Tempest 2000, Landstalker Mar 29, 2017

Join the HG101 ape-handlers as they talk plumber handstands, giant Mickey boots, and did someone say llamas?

Killer Instinct (Part 1 of 2) Mar 29, 2017

Rare's flashy CGI rendered fighting game that acted as a selling point for the "Nintendo Ultra 64". This first part covers the first two games, next week will feature the surprisingly excellent reboot.

Steins;Gate Mar 26, 2017

Regarded as one of the best visual novels ever made, Steins;Gate (and its assorted spinoffs) explore both the scientific and emotional consequences of time travel.

The Music of Castlevania Mar 23, 2017

An examination of the soundtracks to the 8 and 16-bit Castlevania games, detailing their sound synthesis, inspirations, and recurring themes.

Severed Mar 21, 2017

A brilliant first person dungeon crawler with a touch-based combat system, with colorful Aztec-inspired visuals, developed by the folks who did Guacamelee. Also free for the rest of the month on PS+.

Top 47,858 Episode 41: Super Metroid, Jagged Alliance 2 Mar 18, 2017

Join the HG101 space police and special guest Steve Gaynor (Gone Home, Bioshock 2, Tacoma) as they talk shinesparks and mercenary HR.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Home Alone (Sega) Mar 18, 2017

There were tons of Home Alone games. None of them were good, but Sega's versions were the least awful.

500 Word Indies: The Yawhg Mar 15, 2017

A charming choose-your-own-adventure, with a fast play time and multiplayer element.

Trauma Center Mar 12, 2017

Atlus' series of over-the-top medical action games helped to show off the touch and motion controls of Nintendo's DS and Wii systems.

Top 47,858 Episode 40: Deja Vu, Gradius II, The Fabulous Wanda Mar 10, 2017

Join the HG101 game-talkin' death squad as they talk Gradius, C64, and waking up in strange mens' rooms.

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure Mar 9, 2017

Sega has a number of classic music-themed games, but this stylish launch window 3DS game, which meshes rhythm mini-games with adventure segments and an exciting story set in Paris, sadly seems to get lost in the mix.

Ladykiller in a Bind Mar 6, 2017

Christine Love's latest game (and winner of the Independent Game Festival "Excellence in Narrative" award) focuses on the complexities of human relationships.

Top 47,858 Episode 39: X-COM: UFO Defense, Shiren the Wanderer Mar 3, 2017

Join the HG101 junior varsity podcast team as they discuss basket hats and the importance of funding your local alien-fighters.

Punch Club Mar 3, 2017

Train to become the world's greatest boxer, all while beating up favorite karate champs from the 80s and 90s.

Art Style series: Part Three March 1, 2017

The third (and final) part of our Art Style series coverage includes ZENGAGE, precipice, DIGIDRIVE, light trax, and Rotozoa.

Vanquish Feb 26, 2017

PlatinumGames' PS3/X360 action game takes the formula set down by Gears of War and gives it a distinctly Japanese overhaul, creating one of the best of its type.

Top 47,858 Episode 38: In the Hunt, Bomberman Hero, Transarctica Feb 26, 2017

Join the HG101 gang as they discuss submarines, bombs, and trains.

Art Style series: Part Two Feb 23, 2017

The second part of our Art Style series coverage includes three DSi games: PiCTOBiTS, BOXLIFE, and BASE 10.

Ben Jordan Feb 20, 2017

A series of eight freeware mystery adventure games developed by Grundislav Games, who would later work closely with Wadjet Eye Games.

Broken Age Feb 18, 2017

The "Double Fine Adventure" that began the Kickstarter era, Broken Age has some gorgeous artwork and hilarious writing, though doesn't always compare to the genre's golden days. Also check out a just-launched campaign to get the documentary on Netflix, which from a historical standpoint, is probably even more important than the game itself.

Top 47,858 Episode 37: Age of Empires II, Panzer Dragoon Saga Feb 18, 2017

Join the HG101 freelance police as they discuss the most expensive Saturn game ever and a game where cowboys fight samurai or something.

Art Style series: Part One Feb 14, 2017

The Art Style games are spinoffs of the bit Generations series, with often with puzzle-like gameplay and unique aesthetics. The first part of this expansive article covers ORBIENT, CUBELLO, ROTOHEX, and AQUIA.

Warcraft Adventures Feb 12, 2017

The famously canceled Warcraft point-and-click adventure, originally scheduled for release back in the late 90s, was recently leaked in fully playable form. How does it stand up to its contemporaries, and should it have been canceled?

Top 47,858 Episode 36: Fantasy World Dizzy, Top Gear Rally, Clash of Steel Feb 11, 2017

Join the HG101 rally car detailers as they talk about games nobody remembers or cares about.

Blue Stinger Feb 9, 2017

This launch title for the Dreamcast desperately tries to be a Resident Evil game and doesn't quite succeed...but it has a charm all its own. Also starring Game Club 199X/Top 47k Games favorite Dogs Bower!

Prehistoric Isle Feb 6, 2017

A shoot-em-up from SNK that predates their Neo Geo hardware, focusing on a "Lost World"-type scenario where you fight against dinosaurs. Also covers its lesser known Neo Geo sequel.

Trouble Shooter / Battle Mania Feb 3, 2017

A duo of excellent shoot-em-ups from Vic Tokai for the Genesis/Mega Drive, that totally aren't a rip-off of the classic anime The Dirty Pair. Also included scans of design documents for an unreleased third game for the Dreamcast.

Top 47,858 Episode 35: Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage Remake, Vendetta Feb 3, 2017

Join the HG101 crime-punchers as they bring justice to the streets, one jump-kick at a time.

Eufloria Jan 31, 2017

An indie real time strategy game in which you command large swathes of your arboreal army to conquer the stars, planting trees and fighting enemy plants.

The Overstreet Guide To Collecting Video Games is out on Amazon! Jan 27, 2017

The publisher famous for their comic book collecting guides has just released their guide to video games, and we contributed a few articles to it! Check it out!

Top 47,858 Episode 34: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Tail of the Sun Jan 27, 2017

Join the HG101 survivalist weirdos and special guest, Destructoid's own Jonathan Holmes, as they talk snake-eatin', kerotan-findin', and hardcore reproduction stat-buildin'.

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Jan 27, 2017

A rather forgotten PS2/Xbox classic from Midway, where you use psychic powers to life up stuff and smash weird bad guys.

Alpha Centauri Jan 25, 2017

A spin-off of Civilization II, Sid Meier's masterpiece pulls double duty as the best 4X and best sci-fi computer game of all time.

Top 47,858 Episode 33: Zelda: Link to the Past, R-Type, Ninja Gaiden Jan 22, 2017

Join the HG101 miscreants and special guest Destructoid's own Jonathan Holmes as they split hairs over the relative merits of tremendous, legendary classics.

The Game Tengoku Jan 22, 2017

A humorous shoot-em-up series from Jaleco, roughly similar to Konami's Parodius series, that includes characters from across the developer's pantheon, while also poking fun at/pandering to otaku trends of the 90s.

Detective Grimoire Jan 19, 2017

A detective story inspired by the Ace Attorney games, that started as a Flash game and evolved into a commercial release with a unique art style.

Owlboy Jan 17, 2017

A beautiful pixel-based indie game, ten years in the making, that's sort of like a side-scrolling Zelda, but with a stronger emotional core.

Top 47,858 Episode 32: Startropics, Knights of the Crystallion Jan 14, 2017

Join the HG101 castaways for a discussion about Nintendo's own Zelda ripoff and an Amiga game where people live in a giant ribcage.

Guacamelee Jan 14, 2017

An incredibly well done indie Metroidvania, with a fresh Mexican theme and better combat and platforming than most other types in the subgenre.

Ubik Jan 12, 2017

A clumsy but intriguing adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick story of the same, developed by Cryo.

Darkside Story Jan 10, 2017

A Korean PC beat-em-up where you manage your character's hunger and emotions to pummel your enemies in new and exciting ways.

Crows: The Battle Action Jan 7, 2017

An expensive Saturn beat-em-up based on the long-running "delinquent" manga by Hiroshi Takahashi, featuring some odd super deformed characters.

Top 47,858 Episode 31: Deus Ex, Gomola Speed Jan 5, 2017

Join the HG101 lads for a discussion about the first Deus Ex and the PC-Engine's best snake game.

English fan translation for 46 Okunen Monogatari released! Jan 4, 2017

An English fan translation for the PC98 predecessor to the SNES cult classic E.V.O.: Search for Eden has been released. Be sure to check out, along with the original HG101 article!

Drill Dozer Jan 4, 2017

A late release for the Game Boy Advance, and one of the handful non-Pokemon titles from Game Freak, this action game stars a cutesy pink haired girl and her destructive drill tank.

Compile Shoot-Em-ups - Design Documents and Booklet Jan 2, 2017

To accompany the HG101 Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which reviews all of Compile's shooters, here is a series of scans of design documents and pamphlets that cover various games, along with a rare music CD.

Top 47,858 Episode 30: Devil May Cry, Ape Escape, Octopus Jan 1, 2017

Join the HG101 posse and special guest Nick Des Barres (AKA NickRox) for a discussion about the first DMC game, a Game and Watch classic, and Apes A-Poppin!

Saturday Morning RPG Dec 31, 2016

An indie RPG tribute to the 80s and all of its ridiculous cultural excess, complete with a power ballad by the guy who did the soundtrack for The Transformers: The Movie.

Ninja Crusaders Dec 31, 2016

One of the many ninja-themed games of the 8-bit era, this two-player side-scroller from NMK isn't quite Ninja Gaiden, or even Shadow of the Ninja, but is decent for those looking for a good challenge.

500 Word Indies: 140 Dec 25, 2016

A short, trippy rhythm-based platformer from developers who worked on indie hits Limbo and Inside

Dinosaurs For Hire Dec 29, 2016

The late 80s/early 90s comic book about a group of mercenary dinos was translated into a fun-but-not-amazing run-and-gun for the Genesis.

Top 47,858 Episode 29: Night Warriors, Little Samson Dec 25, 2016

Join the HG101 posse and special guest Nick Des Barres for a discussion about the Darksalkers sequel and Taito's brutally difficult NES swan song.

500 Word Indies: Downwell Dec 25, 2016

Take a trip down an infinitely deep well, destroying everything that gets in your way, in this modern indie classics.

500 Word Indies: Hyper Princess Pitch Dec 25, 2016

Control the daughter of the Goddess of Explosions as she takes on Mecha Santa's hideout in this Robotron-style freeware classic.

Top 47,858 Episode 28: Maniac Mansion, Shenmue, Illbleed Dec 21, 2016

Join the HG101 gang and special guest Caitlin Oliver for a discussion about Lucasfilm Games' adventure masterpiece and two titans of the Dreamcast canon. Three more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time.

Gaiares Dec 20, 2016

An early Genesis shooter from Telenet, which features a rad customization system where you can steal weapons from enemies.

Maldita Castilla / Cursed Castilla EX Dec 18, 2016

Locomalito's homage to Ghosts n' Goblins goes commercial with an EX edition, released on consoles and computers, that includes some new levels and other enhancements that make it worth your cash.

500 Word Indies: Space Mouse Dec 12, 2016

A second in a series of remakes of early 1980s Japanese PC games, Space Mouse is simple, but cute and exciting.

Danganronpa 3 (Anime) Dec 16, 2016

The developers are choosing to soft-reboot the Danganronpa plotline with the third entry, so they decided to finish off the storylines of the first two games in anime form....confusingly named Danganronpa 3. (The new game will be called Danganronpa V3.) The video game references section has also been updated (spoilers for Danganronpa contained within).

onEscapee Dec 14, 2016

A cinematic platformer in the vein of Another World, released very late in the life of the Amiga, and recently ported to mobile platforms.

Wendy: Every Witch Way Dec 10, 2016

A surprisingly decent licensed platformer for the Game Boy Color, from the developers of Shantae.

Top 47,858 Episode 27: Turrican, Blazing Lazers, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, Wendy Every Witch Way, Lethal Enforcers Dec 9, 2016

Join the HG101 and Dogs Bower as they discuss a gauntlet of games nominated in five-star iTunes reviews. We had to play them, and you have to listen! Five more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time.

Tsugunai Dec 4, 2016

An early PS2 RPG from Atlus, where you control a ghost who possesses various bodies. Mostly known for its fantastic Yasunori Mitsuda soundtrack.

Top 47,858 Episode 26: Crystalis, Shadow Man, Rats! Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Hobo Millionaires as they discuss the finer points of voodoo warriorship, then play a dandy little jig on their insect flute!

Top 47,858 Episode 25: Dead or Alive 3, The Pandora Directive, Scorched Earth Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Jerkbags as they discuss banana splits, crappy detectives, and mutually assured destruction.

Anodyne Dec 4, 2016

An indie game from 2013, similar to Zelda, that almost defies all conventions and labels, yet sticks so close to established and effective formulas.

Blue Revolver Dec 1, 2016

An excellent indie shoot-em-up that channels Dodonpachi and other Cave bullet hell shooters, with refined mechanics and a sense of style all its own.

Top 47,858 Episode 24: Commander Keen, God Hand, Glover Nov 20, 2016

Join the HG101 Rude Dudes With Tudes as they discuss football-helmeted space avengers, fiery-armed cowboy punks, and a glove that slaps a ball.

Top 47,858 Episode 23: Golden Axe, Metroid Nov 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Space Police as they discuss how cool footsteps sound and how satisfying it is to smash the pommel of your battleaxe into the Bad Brothers' smarmy Karnov-wannabe faces.

Ogre Battle Nov 9, 2016

The legendary SRPG series from Quest, designed and written by Yasumi Matsuno and with music by Hitoshi Sakimoro and Masaharu Iwata, this article also covers the hugely influential Tactics Ogre spinoff.

Xexyz Nov 9, 2016

In this unpronouncable NES cult classic, developer Atlus nimbly combines platforming, non-linear exploration, and shoot-em-up sequences for a wholly unique adventure.

Mystical Fighter Nov 9, 2016

A Genesis brawler where you control a Kabuki team as they beat up the sinister Darkside Kabukimaster.

Randal's Monday Nov 9, 2016

A point and click adventure from Daedalic, with a Groundhog's Day-esque scenario where the hero relives the worst Monday ever, and tries to set things right.

Puzzle Link Nov 9, 2016

A series of puzzlers for the Neo Geo Pocket that recalls games like Puzzle Bobble and Magical Drop.

Crimzon Clover Nov 9, 2016

An indie shoot-em-up, first released though traditional doujin channels then later worldwide on Steam/GOG, that has the class and finesse to stand up next to Cave's best.

500 Word Indies: Manos: The Hand of Fate Nov 9, 2016

An 8-bit tribute to the Z-grade "classic" made famous by MST3K.

500 Word Indies: Soul Gambler Nov 9, 2016

A comic book-style visual novel about a man who's made a Faustian bargain.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Deus Ex Go Nov 6, 2016

The Deus Ex article has been updated to include a review of the recent sequel, Mankind Divided, as well as the mobile puzzle game Deus Ex Go.

Top 47,858 Episode 22: Bangai-O, Jurassic Park, Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Rampage Nov 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Join the HG101 Baggy Pants Players as they discuss fruit values, prehistoric misdirection, and the finer points of wabbit hunting.

Rampart Nov 3, 2016

Atari's classic arcade game is some kind of cross between Tetris and a very early tower defense, and even that description doesn't feel entirely accurate.

Top 47,858 Episode 21: GoldenEye 007, Gekibo: Gekisha Boy Nov 2, 2016

Join the HG101 Real American Heroes as they do some bonding with Oddjob and Papa Shango in the Stack.

Midnight Mutants Oct 31, 2016

One of the only action-adventure games on the Atari 7800, starring an ersatz Grandpa Munster..

Chiller Oct 30, 2016

The extremely violent and sadistic light gun shooter by Exidy, which received an unlicensed NES port. Please note that there are violent and disturbing images on this page, so proceed with caution.

Downfall (remake) Oct 29, 2016

In February 2016, Harvester Games released a remake of their horror game Downfall. Reimagined in The Cat Lady format, the game is now presented at a side-scroller point-of-view and uses the keyboard exclusively. While the remake follows the same general narrative as the original, the script, the graphics, the music and the mechanics have been entirely reworked from the ground up.

Mystic Riders Oct 27, 2016

Our Halloween week coverage continues with this witchy shoot-em-up, one of Irem's lesser known titles.

Deep Fear Oct 25, 2016

Our Halloween week coverage kicks off with Deep Fear, Sega's attempt to make "Resident Evil in an underwater lab".

Her Story Oct 23, 2016

This indie darling from 2015 has you pouring over hours of FMV footage to piece together a murder mystery.

Top 47,858 Episode 20: Kwirk, Last Battle, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Oct 21, 2016

Join the HG101 Acclaim Power Team as they talk about sassy tomatoes, head-s'plosions, and the worst possible way to play Desert Strike.

Super Spy Hunter Oct 21, 2016

Sunsoft's NES sorta-sequel to Midway's classic arcade game isn't TECHNICALLY a Spy Hunter game - it's an unrelated title in Japan that's conceptually extremely similar - but it's a fantastic game that's better suited for its legacy than its actual follow-ups.

Kat's Run: Zen-Nippon K Car Senshuken Oct 17, 2016

An SFC racing game from Atlus that's a mish-mash of various concepts that don't quite gel together.

New Patreon Tiers Oct 12, 2016

We've updated our Patreon tiers in order to give some more bonuses to our readers. Donate $2 per month and you'll get your name in print in our upcoming books! Plus previews of everything we've been working on, including Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2, The Guide to Shoot-em-ups Vol. 1, and more!

America Daitouryou Senkyo Oct 19, 2016

With the terrifying American 2016 Presidential Election finally in its last weeks, let's look back to the more innocent times of 1988, when a Japanese developer was kind enough to make a simulation game for the Famicom about the democratic process.

Black Oct 15, 2016

A take on first person shooters from Criterion, the developers of the Burnout series, often described in PR and reviews as "gun porn".

Top 47,858 Episode 19: Devil's Crush, Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken Oct 14, 2016

Join the HG101 FPS Lore Mythologists as they talk all over video pinball, "lose buttons," and the creepy peccadilloes of kusoge programmers.

Top 47,858 Episode 18: Mega Man 3, Team Buddies Oct 12, 2016

Join the HG101 Hostmasters General they kill the robot fish, kill the robot frog, and then they fly off on their robot dog.

Party Hard Oct 12, 2016

A darkly comic game where you play a man who's had it with their neighbor's loud partying, and pledges to stop them once and for all.

Christopher Columbus is an Idiot: Let's Play Part 2 Oct 12, 2016

Part 2 of our Let's Play (with director's commentary/late night ramblings) about this stupid little game. In this segment, Columbus has to fix up the Pinta by participating in a humiliating game show to become the assistant to billionaire idiot Archibald Horn (who is definitely not Donald Trump), who has embroiled himself in a war with the local beaver population.

Puyo Puyo Fever / Puyo Puyo 15th Annivesary Oct 9, 2016

Our coverage of Sega/Compile's cutesy puzzle series continues with the GBA game Minna de Puyo Puyo, as well as the two Fever games and the 15th Anniversary title.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Oct 7, 2016

A crass yet amusing point-and-click adventure starring a jerkass detective, with a decidedly British sense of humor.

Rent A Hero Oct 4, 2016

Sega's superhero parody RPG was originated on the Mega Drive and never left Japan, while a remake was slated for English release on Xbox but unfortunately canceled.

80 Days Oct 2, 2016

Based on Jules Verne's classic adventure novel Around the World in Eighty Days, Inkle's 80 Days feels like a throwback to a more experimental period of PC gaming.

Top 47,858 Episode 17: Metal Gear Solid, Aliens: Infestation Sept 30, 2016

Join the HG101 Market Research Commandos as they trade body cavity smuggling tips and get startled by space cats.

7th Dragon III: Code VFD Sept 29, 2016

Sega's role-playing series 7th Dragon was Japan-exclusive...until the fourth entry for the 3DS, released in English early this summer. This final installment tasks you to destroy hundreds of dragons across three time periods, while giving you a variety of unique RPG classes to customize your party.

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Sept 27, 2016

Easily confused with other licensed dreck, this PS2 racing game from Sting, based off the mid-2000s anime that aired on Cartoon Network, is actually quite good, if not exactly F-Zero.

Now Available: Unseen64's Video Games You Will Never Play Sept 25, 2016

Website Unseen64 has recently published Video Games You Will Never Play, a 480 page filled with information and interviews for all kinds of unreleased video games. We've written one of the forewords, too. Please check it out and support more great video game books!

Threads of Fate Sept 25, 2016

An action-RPG from Square's heyday in the PlayStation era, with two protagonists - a charming heroine and a shape-shifting boy.

Top 47,858 Episode 16: Bushido Blade, Ninja Baseball Bat Man Sept 24, 2016

Join the HG101 Itinerant Game-Sophists as they discuss the theft of baseball's greatest steroid-treasures and the appropriate, warriorly way to murder your enemies.

Blood & Magic Sept 22, 2016

A fantasy RTS from Interplay using the Forgotten Realms AD&D license, published during the genre's heyday in the mid/late-90s.

NOT A HERO Sept 20, 2016

An action game from the creators of OlliOlli with a very amusing deadpan sense of humor, absurdity, and a cynical view on modern politics.

Napple Tale Sept 18, 2016

A Japanese-only 2.5D platformer by Sega for the Dreamcast, this whimsical fairy tale emphasizes how to appreciate the fleeting nature of life.

Podcast: Top 47,858 Episode 15: Super Mario 64, Master of Magic Sept 17, 2016

Join the HG101 Mystic Defenders as they discuss the weirdest 4X game that doesn't involve volcano people and the totally legit way you can unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64. Also, the podcast is now going weekly! And there's finally a link in the header so you can more easily check all of our episodes!

Nitro Ball Sept 17, 2016

A totally crazy pinball/run 'n'gun amalgamation. This was originally featured on the site, but was rewritten for the Data East Arcade Classics book.

Rockin' Kats Sept 13, 2016

Take Willy the Cat across the mean streets of New York City, as he attempts to save his dame from the evil gangster Mugsy, in this Atlus-developed NES platformer.

Bloodnet Sept 12, 2016

It's vampires in cyberspace in this RPG/adventure hybrid from Microprose.

Midwinter Sept 7, 2016

Two ambitious late 80s first person RPGs/flight sims/strategy games (Midwinter and Flames of Freedom) by Mike Singleton, of the Lords of Midnight games.

Top 47,858 Episode 14: Final Fantasy VII, Carmen Sandiego, Pulseman, Revolution X Sept 6, 2016

Join the HG101 BK Kids Club as they discuss big swords, big hats, Joe Perry, and Game Freak juvenilia. Four more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time.

Hyper Iria Sept 6, 2016

A Super Famicom tie-in with the anime OVA, made famous by its showings on the Sci-Fi channel.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Space Ace (SNES) Sept 3, 2016

This wretched SNES platformer, based on the laserdisc arcade game, is almost as bad as its NES Dragon's Lair bedfellow.

The Charnel House Trilogy Sept 2, 2016

A short, three-act point-and-click adventure game, in the style of Wadjet Eye's titles, and featuring the voice work of famed pundit Jim Sterling.

500-Word Indies: Armello Sept 1, 2016

A grim fairy tale board game set in a fantasy kingdom of anthropomorphic animals.

Image Fight Aug 31, 2016

This vertical shooter series from Irem is cited as an inspiration for Radiant Silvergun, owing to its large and versatile arsenal.

Bleed Aug 31, 2016

An indie side-scrolling shooter focused on killing all sorts of classic videogame baddies in the flashiest way possible.

Punky Skunk Aug 23, 2016

A relic from the 16-bit mascot platformer days somehow ended up on the PS1, and despite the grownworthy title and character, it's actually not too bad.

Thomas Was Alone Aug 23, 2016

One of the indie darlings from a few years back, Thomas Was Alone is a minimalist platforming puzzle game that takes place inside a computer, accompanied by narration that gives thoughts and personality to simple geometric shapes.

Virocop Aug 23, 2016

Graftgold's 1995 Amiga shooter lets you play as a virtual character entering a whole slew of fictional games.

500-Word Indies: Cinderella Escape! R12 Aug 23, 2016

A bizarro Japanese indie block-pushing fetish game (that's not Catherine).

Mega Man Legends Aug 22, 2016

The final part of our Mega Man Legends feature details the tragically canceled third game, along with the numerous cameos and media spinoffs, plus a look at its purported spiritual successor, Red Ash.

Go! Go! Mile Smile Aug 20, 2016

Go! Go! Mile Smile puts you in control of a group of freshly-hatched chickens, and hearkens back to the maze games of the early 1980s while still bringing something new to the table.

Time Twist Aug 18, 2016

One of the last games for the Famicom Disk System, this absolutely crazy adventure game has you traveling through time to save Joan d'Arc, escape a German concentration camp, work as a slave on a plantation, and match wits with a demonically possessed baby Jesus.

Infinite Space Aug 17, 2016

Infinite Space is a title from the Nintendo DS' days of experimentation, alongside such mechanic creating oddities like The World Ends With You, and it plays like no other title in the system's library, or anything in most every other genre.

Top 47,858 Episode 12: FTL, Full Throttle, Final Fight, Sewer Shark Aug 15, 2016

Join the HG101 Partyologists as they discuss the finer points of roving street gangs, roving biker gangs, roving slaver gangs, and Sewer Shark.

Mega Man Legends Aug 15, 2016

The second (of three) parts in our Mega Man Legends feature examines the second (and technically final) game of the series, as well as its spinoff, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, assorted mobile ports, and a Taiwan-exclusive entry, Adventure to Save the Planet.

Twin Caliber Aug 14, 2016

This EU-exclusive PS2 rail shooter uses the two analog sticks of the Dual Shock controller to let you wield two weapons at once against a zombie horde.

Lost Kingdoms Aug 12, 2016

A duo of Gamecube RPGs from FromSoftware, both utilizing a unique card-based system.

Mega Man Legends Aug 8, 2016

Mega Man's first foray into 3D isn't entirely accurate to its earlier games, but it does create its own charming little world. Part 1 of 3 covers the series' influences, the main characters, and the first game. The first game was also nominated as one of our 200 Best Video Games of All Time.

Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen Aug 7, 2016

An SFC title designed to sell mayonnaise, this silly cutesy game is only kinda-sorta about cooking and more about goofing around.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Aug 3, 2016

A modern visual novel that weaves a science fiction story through the stories of bar patrons, in the style of classic PC88 titles like Snatcher.

The Way Aug 2, 2016

An indie tribute to cinematic platformers like Another World and Flashback, with some truly fantastic pixelwork.

Dark Sceptre July 29, 2016

We're back with more coverage of ambitious Spectrum games, but this one actually lives up to its promise. No wonder - it was made by the legendary Mike Singleton.

One Finger Death Punch Jul 28, 2016

One of the most clever twists on the beat-em-up formula ever created, involving one button, some stick figures, and a whole lot of violence.

Dark Seal Jul 25, 2016

To go alongside the upcoming release of the Data East Arcade Classics book, here's a pair of isometric fantasy beat-em-ups (also known as Gate of Doom and Wizard Fire) that take influence from role-playing games.

Divekick Jul 24, 2016

What started as a bunch of in-jokes for the fighting game community eventually blossomed into this simple yet incredibly fun title.

Valhalla Jul 22, 2016

Another British adventure game obscurity from the early years of the ZX Spectrum, Valhalla is more notable for the high ambitions of its four man development team rather than the actual result.

Nazo Puyo Jul 20, 2016

Our renewed Puyo Puyo article finally continues, with a prolific set of spin-off titles that focus on predefined conundrums to solve in place of the multiplayer antics of the mainline series.

Synnergist Jul 16, 2016

A cyberpunk FMV/point-and-click adventure that is technically a fascinating mess, but more often than not its shortcomings work accidentally in its favor.

ROM Hack Interview: FuSoYa Jul 16, 2016

An interview with the ROM hacker behind Lunar Magic, the level design program for Super Mario World.

500-Word Indies: Spirits of Xanadu Jul 16, 2016

A sci-fi horror exploration game, for those who can't get enough of System Shock or Dead Space.

Vectorman Jul 13, 2016

An action-platformer that is not only a worthy competitor to Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country trilogy, but also a game that perfectly encapsulates what 90s Sega was all about.

Warlocked Jul 10, 2016

A real time strategy game developed for the Game Boy Color, that's not only surprisingly good, but one of the best exclusive games on the platform.

Top 47,858 Episode 10: Crash Bandicoot 2, Ikaruga, NewZealand Story, Zoo Keeper Jul 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Alternative Rockers as they discuss bandicoot husbandry, orangey-black projectiles, and Mario's enduring bromance with Dogs Bower.

Fallout Jul 6, 2016

An exhaustive look at the legendary post-apocalyptic RPG series, begun by Black Isle Studios and continued by Bethesda, including its spin-offs and cancelled titles.

Pepper's Adventures in Time Jul 4, 2016

A cute and clever educational point-and-click game from Sierra, where you play a young girl and her dog, traveling back in time and fixing things that have gone astray in colonial America.

Broforce Jul 4, 2016

Do you love America? Do you love movies where muscular, poorly acting men shoot evil in the face? If you said yes to one of these two questions, you are going to love Broforce.

Pharaoh Rebirth Jul 3, 2016

An excellent Metroidvania from long-standing doujin studio Krobon, featuring a rabbit archaeologist exploring a pyramid.

Banner Saga 2 Jul 3, 2016

The follow-up to the tactical indie hit is technically more of the same, but that's not really a bad thing.

Paladin's Quest / Lennus Jun 29, 2016

A duo of grindy SNES JRPGs by Copya System, with some bizarre art design that's unlike anything the genre has seen before, and a characteristically strange translation.

Kaze no NOTAM Jun 28, 2016

A hot-air balloon simulator from Artdink, a minor developer perhaps best known for making experimental games that initially received a lukewarm reception, like Aquanaut's Holiday and Tail of the Sun. Kaze no NOTAM clearly falls within that same category of games, for better or for worse.

Samurai Shodown Slash Jun 22, 2016

An infinite runner for mobile platforms starring some of the characters from SNK's seminal fighting series. It was only released in Korea, though service has been disabled and is no longer playable.

Podcast: HG101's Top 47,858 Games Of All Time Jun 22, 2016

The adventures of Game Club 199X continue as the crew tackle their greatest challenge yet! The GC9X Super Fighting Animal Team discuss the games you nominate on Twitter, and then, using a series of complicated algorithms and dark sciences, give them a very official, very final ranking on a rapidly growing list. You too can nominate three games of your choice on Twitter at @GC9X! Will you be the one to nominate the greatest game of all time?

Dark Earth Jun 19, 2016

A post-apocalyptic steampunk RPG that had the misfortune of launching against larger titles like Fallout and Final Fantasy VII, this French-developed title has clumsy combat but a fascinating game world.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Quiver Jun 19, 2016

In the running of the sad title of "most mediocre Doom clone", Quiver was developed for low-spec systems, even though Doom could run comfortably on a low end 486.

Cosmic Cavern 3671 on Steam Greenlight Jun 18, 2016

The realm of early Japanese computer gaming is not widely documented, especially on the English internet, but it's something that we at HG101 take huge interest in. So that's why it's worth checking out Cosmic Cavern 3671, which was recently posted on Steam Greenlight.

Racing Lagoon Jun 15, 2016

Developed during Square's daring PS1 days, Racing Lagoon is a combination of an arcade racer and an RPG, inspired by the popular anime/manga series Initial D.

bit Generations Pt. 2 Jun 12, 2016

The second (and final, for now) part of this article covering the old school/artsy GBA games covers COLORIS, ORBITAL, DIGIDRIVE, and Soundvoyager.

Life is Strange Jun 10, 2016

Starring a young woman with the power to rewind time, Life is Strange's point-and-click DNA is easy to spot, but it turns all of these toward telling a story that's more about longing, regret, and ordinary life, than fighting an Evil Empire.

Video: Meeting with a Book Collector Jun 10, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A meeting with a collector of almost every video game book ever. Includes a look through his absolutely massive library of stuff.

Video: A Look at the Japanese Game Preservation Society Jun 10, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A look at the Japanese Game Preservation Society's laboratory in Tokyo, as guided by Joseph Redon. This organization works to preserve Japan's software, which, like software from all over the globe, was initially distributed on rather fragile medium.

Tumblepop Jun 7, 2016

A goofy, rainbow-colored single screen platformer from Data East, Tumblepop combines two popular arcade titles from the early 90s, Pang and Snow Bros. Also includes reviews of its spiritual sequels, Diet Go Go and Joe & Mac Returns.

Gone Home Jun 6, 2016

Causing a flurry of controversy when it was released in 2013, Gone Home is an emotionally impactful exploratory adventure game, one that kicked off the subgenre semi-derisively known as the "walking simulator".

Demon Front Jun 3, 2016

Taiwan-based developer IGS is primarily known for their PolyGame Master arcade hardware, and along with it, a whole slew of Final Fight-style beat-em-ups. Demon Front, release on 2002, veers away from that direction though, and instead pays homage/rips off SNK's Metal Slug.

Gangsters: Organized Crime Jun 1, 2016

This overlooked strategy game is essentially "SimCapone", a gangland simulator as deep and palatable as a barrel of bootleg rum. Also followed up by a less ambitious sequel.

Mortal Kombat May 24, 2016

A little late coming, but we've updated our Mortal Kombat article with coverage of Mortal Kombat X, as well as adding the new character bios to the first page.

Inventory: Mortal Kombat Klones May 24, 2016

Beyond giving us ten games and several spin-offs, Mortal Kombat also inspired a legion of clones, rip-offs, and homages. This article covers over thirty of these titles - any 2D fighter featuring digitized live action or CGI characters, or otherwise featuring extreme amounts of violence - including Time Killers, Way of the Warriors, and more!

Croc May 20, 2016

Argonaut, developer of the SNES Starfox games, pitched Nintendo an idea for a 3D platformer starring Yoshi. They struck it down. Frustrated, the team broke ties, continued to develop the game anyway, and created their own character: the wide-eyed crocodile Croc. While deriviative, it was a good alternative for those who wanted an N64-style 3D platformer, but didn't own an N64.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul May 19, 2016

The first game from well known developer David Cage, Omikron features David Bowie in the role of a central plot-moving character who interacts directly with the player, looking like and voiced by Bowie himself, and even contributed to aspects of its design and aesthetics.

F-Zero (Part 2 of 2) May 2, 2016

The second (and final) part of our F-Zero article covers the beautiful F-Zero GX/AX, plus the remaining two Game Boy Advance games, which tied into an anime from around the same time.

Post Mortem / Still Life May 11, 2016

A trilogy of mystery adventure games from Micro惻s, the stories mix together mystical elements, psychic flashes, and utterly tone deaf comedy in a way that somehow works.

Red Comrades Save the Galaxy May 9, 2016

A classic Russian comedy adventure game, the first in a series of nine, that has recently been translated into English and released on Steam. It's about Communists from 1918 thwarting an alien invasion, and it's goofy as hell.

Dolphin Blue May 8, 2016

It's Metal Slug meets anime Waterworld in this 2.5D run-and-gun released for the Atomiswave arcade board in 2003.

The Count Lucanor May 4, 2016

A loose take on the Spanish stories, done entirely in the style of a Studio Ghibli film (their comparison) and sprite based adventure games, with a bit of class from a classical soundtrack remade with chiptunes.

F-Zero (Part 1 of 2) May 2, 2016

Even though F-Zero is part of Nintendo's long list of franchises that are only dug out from their vault for new Smash Bros. characters and trophies, it used to be one of the big names identified with Nintendo in the 16- and 64-bit days. As one of Nintendo's launch titles for the Super NES, it was a showcase of the system's capabilities as much as it was a sharply designed game, and essentially codified what people would get and expect from a futuristic racer - insane speeds, rocket engines, crazy jumps, and murderous race tracks.

Actual Sunlight May 1, 2016

A darkly autobiographic tale of young man struggling with life, there are few games as beautifully, grossly human as this.

King & Balloon Apr 29, 2016

An early variation on Namco's Galaga, where you fittingly protect a king from attacking balloons.

ROM Hacker Interview: Red Comet Apr 26, 2016

Bobby Vandiver, better known as Red Comet, is an accomplished ROM hacking and the man behind Twilight Translations. He's released a number of English fan translation patches for games, including several Dragon Ball Z titles, two Gundam titles, and the beat-em-up Streets of Rage 3.

Cosmic Smash Apr 26, 2016

Sega's high minded, artistic title with an abstract technological aesthetic, even though it's really just "squash meets Breakout".

Techno Cop Apr 23, 2016

This driving/shooting game by Gremlin Graphics had the questionable honor of introducing explicit gore to home consoles, years before it became a big issue with Mortal Kombat.

Tattoo Assassins Apr 21, 2016

Data East's pinball division tried to make their own Mortal Kombat II ripoff with Tattoo Assassins. We say "tried" because the game technically never came out, but it's still a testament to the absurd excess of the 90s fighting game market.

Baraduke Apr 19, 2016

Gamers were shocked when Samus Aran revealed herself to be a woman at the end of Metroid, but technically Namco's arcade space shooter Baraduke beat Nintendo to the punch.

Ancient Domains of Mystery Apr 17, 2016

Ancient Domains of Mystery seems like a standard cRPG, and has many things in common with the genre: overworld map with towns and dungeons, quests, karma system. But the game is also a traditional roguelike with the level of complexity and difficulty similar to that of NetHack.

500-Word Indies: Cast of the Seven Godsends Apr 17, 2016

Developed by Italy's indie game scene, Cast of the Seven Godsends emulates arcade classics like Rygar and Magician Lord, though with visuals that resemble a high-res Amiga game.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (4/7) Apr 17, 2016

In world 4, Googoo and Sese enter a realm above the clouds - but that doesn't mean the obligatory underwater and fortress stages are missing here.

The Dark Spire Apr 13, 2016

A first person dungeon crawler for the DS that directly replicates the feeling of the classic Wizardry titles, though with a stylish visual makeover.

JJ Squawkers Apr 12, 2016

An eccentric arcade side-scroller from Athena featuring two crow brothers and their fight against evil.

Mamono Hunter Yōko: Dai 7 no Keishō Apr 9, 2016

Based off the 90s anime OVA, this Mega Drive action game is reminiscent of Valis, though playing it feels like navigating an alien world that's hostile to your every move.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Family Dog Apr 9, 2016

In the early 90s, there were a number of "adult" cartoon sitcoms after the early success of The Simpsons. These were all terrible (except The Critic) but one of them, Family Dog, had such high expectations that it got an SNES game tie-in. Like the cartoon, it is quite substandard.

Pony Island Apr 6, 2016

A super creepy game about a piece of software that seems to be possessed by the devil. Not actually (technically) about ponies.

The Stanley Parable Apr 4, 2016

It's easy to get the impression that The Stanley Parable just wants to mess with you, but it's actually making a lot of clever points about the nature and meaning of interactive storytelling... while also trying to mess with you. A lot.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (3/7) Apr 4, 2016

Things get a little tricky in world 3, so we're resorting to use of the expensive transformation that essentially breaks the game.

Seicross Apr 2, 2016

An unusual sidescrolling shooter where aliens chase you on hoverbikes across a vaguely Tron-like landscape.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (2/7) Apr 2, 2016

In world 2 we try out some more transformations and meet a few very familiar obstacles. In preservation news: We've now determined who's going to dump the game, but there'll be a bit of a delay since we've decided to try out some old leads for another undumped cart before shipping it across the Pacific.

Jazzpunk Apr 1, 2016

No April Fool's Day joke this year (no lies!) but instead we're featuring this comical first person quasi-adventure game, which flirts with dadaist humor, but misses the mark as often as it hits.

Read Only Memories Mar 30, 2016

A recent indie cyberpunk adventure game, heavily influenced by the likes of Snatcher.

Inventories: Platforming games before Super Mario Bros. #03 - Joust, Pitfall!, etc. Mar 29, 2015

Tracing the history of the platformer genre before Super Mario Bros. Featuring Joust, Jungle King, Donkey Kong Junior, Springer, and Pitfall!

Double Dragon Mar 28, 2016

The brawl is almost over. Left standing are only a variety of spin-offs and crossovers, both official and unofficial, inmidst a rubble of misguided media tie-ins.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (1/7) Mar 27, 2016

An unlicensed, rare and (so far) undumped Famicom game that was only published in Korea. Hopefully the bad video quality here will be obsolete soon, but until we manage to arrange the game's preservation, this longplay will be the most comprehensive footage you can find. Turn on annotations for explanations about the gameplay, development background info, and more.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Sonic CD Mar 27, 2016

We try something the same but different today as we talk over a playthrough of SEGA's lesser regarded Sonic the Hedgehog sequel. Joining KaL and Bobinator is Muteki, a near Academic level student of the Sonic games.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Operation: Body Count Mar 26, 2016

A terrible Wolfenstein 3D clone from Capstone that puts you against an army of Islamic terrorists.

Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yuugi Mar 25, 2016

Sega Saturn shiro! The tough guy Saturn spokesman may have sacrificed his life (in the ads, of course) to save Sega from their evil competitors, but his triumphant spirit lives on in this collection of minigames.

Nelly Cootalot Mar 22, 2016

A charming duo of adventure games, Spoonbeaks Ahoy! and the brand new The Fowl Fleet, starring a pirate lass, and developed by British comedian Alasdair Beckett-King.

Double Dragon Mar 21, 2016

As beat-em-ups lost their place in the spotlight, Double Dragon tried to jump on the Street Fighter II train, followed by almost a decade of nothing. The series got finally revived thanks to a long string of remakes, with varying results.

Blazing Star Mar 20, 2016

Hey poor player! Our week of Neo Geo shooter coverage finishes up with Yumekobo's Blazing Star, a quasi-sequel to Pulstar that shows off the muscle of SNK's hardware.

Pulstar Mar 18, 2016

Our Neo Geo shooter coverage continues with Aicom's Pulstar, which is an R-Type game in all but name.

Last Resort Mar 16, 2016

We'll be covering a trilogy of Neo Geo shooters this week. The first, Last Resort from SNK, borrows heavily from R-Type, along with appropriating some imagery from the Akira movie.

Double Dragon Mar 14, 2016

The struggle continues as the series takes a nosedive thanks to a few unfortunate outsourced games, but also experiences an almost-return to form with a tragically rushed reboot on SNES.

Assault Android Cactus Mar 13, 2016

Recently released on the PlayStation 4, this fantastic twin-stick shooter takes the classic template of Robotron 2084 and Geometry Wars, and fuses them with the scoring mechanics and bullets patterns of a modern Japanese shoot-em-up.

Blood Mar 11, 2016

The best game using 3D Realms' Build Engine, Blood has an unmistakable visual and atmospheric style that marries H. P. Lovecraft with Unforgiven and Evil Dead. It drops the player into the Roaring Twenties of a dilapidated America where violence is so over-the-top it's borderline parody. Also followed up with a not-so-good sequel.

Shardlight Mar 8, 2016

Back in 2012, Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios released Primordia, a post-apocalypse adventure about machines surviving the world man left behind. In 2016, Wadjet Eye decided to return to the wastelands with a more human story with Shardlight. Unlike Primordia's focus on black humor and existentialism, Shardlight is much more grounded and, well, human.

Double Dragon Mar 7, 2016

Hardcore Gaming 101 takes on the Lee brothers, but to avoid biting off more than we can chew we're gonna spread the fight out across the entire month. Check back every Monday this March to find us brawling our way through the series. For now we're starting with the initial two arcade classics and their many mutations across multiple platforms.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Fear Equation Mar 7, 2016

All aboard the spook express, it's a horror-ish Post Apocalyptic Train game. KaL is your conductor as he tries to basically cover how to actually play the game so that the whole damn thing makes sense. Oh, also there's a fog that makes your nightmares real and a lot of people die and I can't believe we didn't make a single math pun through the entire video.

Tail 'Gator Mar 5, 2016

Join Charly the 'Gator as he takes on Basso Gila in this action-platformer for the Game Boy from Natsume.

The Cat and the Coup Mar 2, 2016

A short look at a short puzzle game, based on "Operation Ajax", a coup staged by the United States and the United Kingdom during the 50s.

Shōjo Kakumei Utena Feb 28, 2016

The 90s anime Revolutionary Girl Utena offers complex messages about gender roles, romance, and sexuality. Unlike other licensed video game tie-ins, though, the Utena Saturn game isn't just a dating sim with the Utena name slapped on it, but rather it understand the show's values, and knows how to apply those values to dating sim conventions.

Video Review: Magical Chase Feb 26, 2015

Quest's adorable TG16 cute-em-up doesn't quite live up to the expectations of its high price tag, but it's a fun game with a great soundtrack and plenty of distinctive details. Read the written review here.

Now available! HG101 Digest Vol. 2: Taito Arcade Classics Feb 24, 2016

Warning! A new HG101 book is approaching fast! The second HG101 digest focuses on over thirty titles from Taito's diverse library, featuring Darius and Elevator Action, but also covering the likes of Rastan, The Legend of Kage, The Ninja Warriors, The NewZealand Story, Metal Black and more! Also includes over one hundred instances of nudity in 8 and 16-bit video games, and capsule reviews of 80 Japanese Super Famicom games. Now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Sellfy, along with all other European Amazon sites!

Tao Feb 23, 2016

A JRPG that's pro organized religion? Does that exist? Find out on your spiritual journey through a weird future-fantasy world where the train is out so you have to ride a dinosaur to Moscow. By the developer who worked for Nintendo on Mother.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Assassin's Creed Mobile Feb 20, 2016

Bobinator (joined by KaL, Snarboo and MisterArgent) takes a look at Gameloft's 2D version of the first Assassin's Creed.

Planescape: Torment Feb 19, 2016

Some of the greatest writing ever in a computer RPG, set in one of the strangest fantasy worlds ever conceived.

Puyo Puyo Feb 17, 2016

Puyo Puyo was one of the earliest articles on Hardcore Gaming 101, so unsurprisingly it was completely outdated by now. So over the course of the next few months, it is going to be replaced by an entirely new, much more thorough article. This first part (re-)covers the mainline games of the Compile era.

Video: An Interview with Satoshi Nakai and Masayuki Suzuki (Success, NCS/Masaya) Feb 14, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD (books available in the latest Storybundle). An interview with two developers, currently at Success, who worked at NCS/Masata on titles like Langrisser, Assault Suits Valken/Cybernator, and Shubibinman. Includes look at artwork from the Assault Suits games, along with an explanation of how parallax scrolling was programmed on the PC Engine.

Video: An Interview with Yutaka Isokawa Feb 14, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD (books available in the latest Storybundle). An interview with Yutaka Isokawa, the creator of Pitman/Catman, and one of the members on the Namco team that created the neGcon controller, which was used for R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Shogun Warriors / Blood Warrior Feb 14, 2016

A duology of fighting games from Kaneko, which manage to rip off both Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.

Timequest Feb 12, 2016

A time traveling adventure from Legend, the spiritual successor to Infocom's legacy. Originally published in the Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures.

Mystik Belle Feb 10, 2016

A cutesy platformer/adventure game hybrid with gorgeous pixel artwork, recalling classic British Spectrum games like Dizzy.

Dragon Dance Feb 8, 2016

San nin fai lok! Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this interesting take on the brick breaker formula for the Game Boy Color.

Sinistron Feb 7, 2016

A TurboGrafx-16 HuCard shooter influenced by R-Type, with a giant beak on the front of your ship that can be used as a shield or opened/closed to expand your fire.

ROM Hacker Interview: Nightcrawler Feb 6, 2016

Nightcrawler is one of the most prolific members of the ROM hacking community, the collection of hobbyists who tinker with old video games to transform them into new creations. His English fan translations include I'Max's Dual Orb II, Bullet Proof Software's The Magical Land of Wozz, and Alfa System's Emerald Dragon.

Albion Feb 3, 2016

A sci-fi fantasy RPG made by demoscene veterans that combines elements of both Western and Japanese genre conventions, with a great setting on a fascinating alien planet but somewhat tiring gameplay.

Sly Spy Feb 2, 2016

Data East's spy-themed side-scroller owes a very (very, very) huge debt to James Bond.

Tass Times in Tonetown Feb 1, 2016

This proto point-and-click adventure designed by Infocom alumnus Michael Berlyn takes you to a weird world where a dog is a newspaper reporter, everyone dresses in garish 80s new wave clothing, and a sinister real estate tycoon/monstrous animal hybrid is slowly terrorizing the town by setting up uncool housing developments.

Rise of Nations Jan 30, 2016

Brian Reynolds, lead designer for strategy classics Civilization II and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, created this RTS game, that succeeds in integrating elements from his previous turn-based work in a seamless, entertaining package.

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Jan 28, 2016

A pseudo-remake of the Spanish Amstrad/ZX Spectrum side-scroller Phantis, this indie title features some absolutely gorgeous pixel artwork.

Inventories: The Hottest Characters in Gaming Jan 25, 2016

Characters with an extreme affinity for fire are common in video games, but there's been little in the way of heated debate regarding how well they complement the games they're in. We take a look at some of gaming's hottest characters to see whether or not their design, abilities and personality can really bring the heat.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Grand Theft Auto Jan 24, 2016

It's Crime Time in the legendary city of crime New Yo... Liberty! We went back and looked at DMA (now Rockstar)'s legendary original stealing cars and murdering tiny pixel people, GTA! Kal and Bob are joined by Kris Asick from Ancient Dos Games.

Tempo Jan 23, 2016

A forgotten attempt at a mascot platformer by Sega, which was off to an unfortunate start on the 32X and then further doomed to obscurity by peaking with a Japan-exclusive Saturn sequel.

500-Word Indies: Penarium Jan 21, 2016

Avoid nefarious traps in morbid circus to beat tough platforming challenges contained on a single screen, inspired by early arcade games.

Darius Jan 18, 2016

Taito's long-running innovative shooter series featuring a war against intergalactic flying fish. Although Darius was originally featured on HG101, the original article was written 12 years ago, and frankly, wasn't terribly good, so we've rewritten it almost entirely from scratch, both for the inclusion in HG101 Digest Vol. 1: Taito Arcade Classics and to cover the newly released Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours.

l'Abbaye des Morts Jan 20, 2016

An excellent homage to ZX Spectrum titles courtesy of indie freeware developer Locomalito.

E.V.O.: Search for Eden / 46 Okunen Monogatari Jan 17, 2016

Enix's EVO: The Search for Eden, a platformer focused around evolution, is a cult classic amongst SNES fans, but it's actually a sequel to an older, Japan-only RPG, 46 Okunen Monogatari ("4.6 Billion Year Story").

Deus Ex Jan 14, 2016

The legendary stealth/action/RPG cyberpunk saga about government conspiracies and biotechnological implants.

Bardbarian Jan 10, 2016

An unusual RTS / tower defense / action hybrid, starring a savage musician who commands his armies with the power of his instrument.

Video: Interview with Roy Ozaki and Kouichi Yotsui Jan 10, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. An interview with Mitchell (Buster Bros.) president Roy Ozaki and Strider creator Koichi Yotsui, where they also discuss some of Yotsui's other games, including Suzuki Bakuhatsu and Nostalgia 1907.

Blue's Journey Jan 9, 2016

One of the early Neo Geo titles, ADK's environmentally themed 2D platformer showcases the vibrant colors of the powerful system.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Rock-On Jan 6, 2016

The joke about this PCE shooter is that it does most certainly not "rock on".

ChainDive Jan 5, 2016

A Japan-only Playstation 2 cult classic, featuring high-flying, wire-slinging action, from some of the developers that would later work on Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Video: A Visit to the Abandoned Hudson R&D Laboratory in Sapporo Jan 2, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A visit to the abandoned Hudson R&D laboratory on the outskirts of Sapporo.

Werewolf: The Last Warrior Jan 2, 2016

Data East's NES side-scroller featuring a werewolf with blades for arms, mostly famous for infuriating games by switching the attack and jump buttons on the game pad.

Mad Motor Jan 2, 2016

A (most likely) unreleased arcade game by Mitchell and Data East, featuring a motorcycle riding punk who can turn into a werewolf...and may have been the origins of Data East's NES game released a few years later.

Bugaboo: The Flea Dec 31, 2015

Many of the genre structures and core concepts of how video games work that are taken for granted today took shape during the time after the American Video Game Crash of 1983. Bugaboo (The Flea), developed in Spain in 1983, is both unique and addictive thanks to the way in which the titular character navigates the game world.

GameClub 199X: TIE Fighter Dec 30, 2015

Do you have Star Wars fever? To the extent that you're willing to listen to HG101's talking heads discuss an old DOS game for over 90 minutes? Hey, when 49 episodes old you get, sound as good you will not.

GameClub 199X: Clive Barker's Undying Dec 30, 2015

The HG101 Mystery Hatchback pulls into the weed-ridden parking lot of Clive Barker's Undying, a pretty good horror FPS with a ghost-punching rock.

Last Mission Dec 29, 2015

This early Data East game is a take on overhead shooters like Thunder Force, Vanguard II, and Time Pilot '84.

Atomic Runner Chelnov Dec 27, 2015

Data East's Atomic Runner Chelnov stars a Russian superhero granted powers by a nuclear accident. Unique from other side-scrolling platformers, Chelnov sprints through each stage automatically, making it a forebearer to the modern infinite runner (though its levels aren't infinite). Most known for its (vastly improved) Genesis port, which was known in North America as Atomic Runner.

500-Word Indies: Enyo Arcade Dec 24, 2015

A "Parkour Shooter" that feels like a long lost Amiga game.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Elf Bowling Dec 24, 2015

The Flash game sensation (read as: fad) was popular enough to be ported to the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, apparently believing that people would pay for stuff they could get for free online.

The Grinch (Game Boy Color) Dec 24, 2015

There were a few games released as a tie-in for the terrifying Jim Carrey movie rendition of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but the Game Boy Color version is a surprisingly decent stealth-action game in the vein of Bonanza Bros.

Undertale Dec 20, 2015

The Best Game of All Time, according to this year's GameFAQs poll. We felt it was a little too early to make that call (it got a runner-up spot in our 200 Best Games book), but this charming, offbeat RPG is still worthy of anyone's attention.

Earthbound (The Halloween Hack) Dec 20, 2015

Before Toby Fox made Undertale, he made The Halloween Hack for Earthbound, a dark take on Nintendo's SNES classic.

The Tale of Alltynex Dec 18, 2015

A trilogy of doujin shoot-em-ups developed by SITER SKAIN, inspired by Taito's Rayforce.

Level 22: Gary's Misadventures Dec 16, 2015

Sneak past your boss as a low level office drone in this funny but brutal stealth game.

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