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Limbo of the Lost - Windows (2008)

by Kurt Kalata - March 14, 2011

Mock Cover

Initially conceived as an Amiga game in 1993 and finally released in 2008 for the PC, Limbo of the Lost reached a certain level of infamy for its blatant plagarism. What were the developers doing in the fifteen years between conception and publication? Apparently they were busy running around the likes of Enclave, Unreal Tournament 2004, Oblivion, and Painkiller, hitting the Print Screen button and using the results as background artwork.

The rest of the visuals seems be, ironically, winning a contest for laziness. Text is not actually incorporated on to any textures - it is merely pasted on the image itself, presumably in Photoshop (or perhaps even MS Paint) in the same font, for every object, without regard for shape or depth. Some of the torch flame flickers seem to be taken from the animated GIFs from every web page in the 90s. The subtitles are filled with grammatical malfeasances and miscapitalized words. Nearly every sentence is divided by a series of a dozens periods or more, and occasionally sprinkled with insane laughter, whether it's vocalized or not. The main character is a default model from the animation program Poser. The camera has a strange obsession with extreme close-ups, dramatically zooming right up to the subject's nostrils and back. The animation is deliriously amateurish, with some facial expressions practically custom made for message board macros.

The main character, modeled after historical figure Benjamin Spooner Briggs, is caught in the battle between two godly forces, Fate and Destiny. Outside of Captain Briggs, most of the rest of the cast speaks with approximately the same voice, that being a Jar Jar Binks imitation with a strange British-Cajun accent. There's actually a character Cranny Faggot, a spooneristic reference to famed chef Fanny Craddock, which is about as insultingly clever as this game gets.

If stealing and butchering artistic assets were its only sin, Limbo of the Lost would have already been cast into hell, but as an adventure game it fails on pretty much every crucial level. The dark hallways are long and seemingly endless - if they were going to pilfer so many backgrounds, why did they steal the most boring ones? The camera deliberately hides important objects, when they're not concealed by the lighting. The puzzles aren't technically the worst the genre has seen, although at one point it challanges you to "create" tequila by taking some rancid sewer water and sticking a worm in it.

There's a lot of evidence that Limbo of the Lost really is a slapped together comedy, full of brazen, "what the hell, screw the man!" spirit, as if it were a high schooler's programming final that somehow got released as a commercial project. The game's official site was actually hosted on Geocities, and the epilogue also suggests as much - it ends up with all of the secondary characters gathered in a bar, mumbling through a song dubbing the hero "The King of Limbo". It's quite catchy in its insanity, and practically reveals the whole project as a gigantic prank.

Limbo of the Lost (Windows)

Quick Info:


  • Majestic Studios


  • G2 Games


  • Tim Croucher
    Laurence Francis



Limbo of the Lost (Amiga / unreleased)

Limbo of the Lost (Windows)

Limbo of the Lost (Windows)

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