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Features - Miscellaneous

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Konami World
(Nov 23, 2015)

I found some old files on a CD-R from Konami World, a website I started back in 1999 and never remotely finished, nor made public. So, I've uploaded it here. Remember the internet circa the late 90s! FRAMES WARNING.

3D Dot Game Heroes Copyright Competition
(Sep 4, 2010)

With the closing of our 3D Dot Game Heroes competition, we present you the winner and all other contestants. They're available for download, too.

Fan Translations
(Jul 13, 2010)

Introducing a look at the history, the community and the technicalities behind the art of ROM translation.

Yellow Light of Death PS3 Info
(Nov 4, 2009)

The Xbox 360 isn't the only console that got it's own trademark system failure. A customer warning about the PS3's much less discussed YLOD.

HG101 vs The Pirates
(Apr 17, 2009)

There's differing opinions about software piracy and bootlegging of old and commercially unavailable games. Some pirates, however, are just evil.

Gold Leopard King - Famiclone
(Dec 5, 2007)

A look at one of the more particular grey market Famicom clones.

Old Classic Gaming Review Archive index
(Apr 12, 2002)

Before Hardcore Gaming 101, there was the Classic Gaming Archive. Please note that these articles are old, and some are outdated by newer articles. Yet you'll find many games discussed that are not (yet) on HG101.

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