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Features - Interviews

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ROM Hack Interview: FuSoYa
(July 16, 2016)

An interview with the ROM hacker behind Lunar Magic, the level design program for Super Mario World.

Interview with Bobby Vandiver (Red Comet)
(April 26, 2016)

Bobby Vandiver, better known as Red Comet, is an accomplished ROM hacking and the man behind Twilight Translations.

Interview with Nightcrawler - ROMhacking.net
(Feb 6, 2016)

Nightcrawler is one of the most prolific members of the ROM hacking community, the collection of hobbyists who tinker with old video games to transform them into new creations..

Super Mario 3mix Interview
(Sep 12, 2015)

In a new series of interviews, we talk to the developer of Super Mario Bros. 3mix, one of the most ambitious ROM hacks of Super Mario Bros. 3.

UPL Interview With Ryuichi Nishizawa
(Aug 18, 2015)

UPL Corporation ("Universal Play Land") was at the forefront of the Japanese arcade development scene. Ryuichi Nishizawa talks about Ninja-kun, NOVA2001, Gomola Speed, Penguin-kun Wars and more.

Ed Del Castillo
(Jul 21, 2013)

Interview with the RTS veteran to go alongside our Battle Realms article.

Toshiaki Sakoda
(Jul 8, 2013)

Interview with the composer who did a lot of music for games by Compile and Sting.

Shinichi Sakamoto
(Jul 8, 2013)

Interview with the former Westone Bit Entertainment composer, who did the soundtracks of several Wonder Boy games.

Interview with Digital Happiness
(May 14, 2013)

Rachmad Imron, producer of the Indonesian indie horror game DreadOut, reveals some of the team's dark secrets.

Ryuichi Nishizawa on Aurail
(Dec 21, 2012)

Another interview with the creator of Wonder Boy, this time focusing on one of his most obscure works.

The making of Project Firestart
(Oct 30, 2012)

A look back at what might be the very first survival horror game, containing interviews with co-designer Damon Slye and producer Joe Ybarra.

The making of Zombies Ate My Neighbors
(Oct 19, 2012)

Our article on the series is full of exclusive interview quotes by both ZAMN creator Mike Ebert and Ghoul Patrol director Kalani Streicher

Jim Gregory on Akira
(Sep 13, 2012)

The man who was in charge of the SNES version of this legendary unreleased anime tie-in comes clean about what happened to the game.

Interview with Ryuichi Nishizawa
(Jun 11, 2012)

Interview with one of the founding members of Westone, and one of the main developers behind nearly the entire Wonder Boy series.

Interview with Toshinari Oka
(Jun 3, 2012)

The Programmer of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2 delivers another highlight in our Metal Gear interview series.

Interview with Corey Cole
(May 19, 2012)

An interview with half of the couple that created the Quest for Glory series, originally published in The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures.

Interview with Ryan Payton
(May 19, 2012)

One of the last few Metal Gear interviews, with Ryan Payton from Metal Gear Solid 4.

Interview with Charles "Chuck" Ernst
(May 8, 2012)

On Konami America, the IBM port of Metal Gear and the cancelled Akira game.

Interview with Tomonori Otsuka
(April 9, 2012)

A brief interview with one of the programmers behind the first Metal Gear for the MSX2 hardware.

Interview with David Hayter
(April 19, 2012)

A candid and very amusing interview with the legendary David Hayter - film script writer, actor, and voice-actor star of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Interview with Scott Youngblood
(April 9, 2012)

Further examination between the Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid series.

Interview with Richard Ham
(April 2, 2012)

Some startling revelations about the similarities between Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid.

A Conversation with Robert Woodhead
(Mar 25, 2012)

One of the two co-creators of the venerable Wizardry-series talks about his contributions to the evolution of computer RPGs.

Interview with Masahiro Ueno
(Mar 25, 2012)

A few words by the humble man who ported Metal Gear to the NES, where the series first found success in the West.

Shinta Nojiri: from Policenauts to NeverDead
(Mar 18, 2012)

Shinta Nojiri first started with Policenauts and went on to be involved with Ghost Babel and all subsequent MGS games. Recently he was in charge of Konami's NeverDead project.

Jeremy Blaustein reflects on 25 years of the Snake
(Mar 7, 2012)

Our interrogations of Metal Gear Solid localizers continue with a new interview with the man who set the English tone for the game by which most people got to know the series.

Interview with SWERY65
(Feb 20, 2012)

He created [DEADLY PREMONITION] and was inspired by the small towns in the North-West. He loves big hamburgers, and can't live without ketchup.

Interview with Richard Garriott
(Nov 28, 2011)

Richard Garriott, aka Shamino Salle Dacil, aka Don Shamino, aka Lord British, original author of Ultima and one of the founding fathers of computer RPGs.

Ys History Interviews
(Jul 8, 2011)

Snippets of interviews with many Ys persons: Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo, Ken Berry of Xseed, YS Book I&II artist Hiromasa Iwasaki, MonkeyPaw Games' Ed Greiner, and fan/pro translator Jeff "Deuce" Nussbaum.

Donald Duck Interviews
(Jun 2, 2011)

No, we couldn't get any anwers from Mr. Duck himself, but Al Lowe and Darlene Waddington talk about their video game encounters with the world's most choleric fowl.

Jason Park
(Apr 23, 2011)

Interview with the former programmer of HiCom and eSofnet, who worked on the Corum series of Action RPGs.

Kim Kyongsoo and Kim Seongwan
(Mar 25, 2011)

Our interview with two former Mirinae Software employees sheds light on the pioneer days of game development in Korea.

Jeff Mills and Joe Jing
(Feb 21, 2011)

Two of the main staff members of the Nocturne and BloodRayne series share anecdotes about the horrors they helped create at Terminal Reality Inc.

Interview with Ryu Umemoto
(Dec 3, 2010)

The composer visits Stockholm and discusses his work on YU-NO, Desire, Eve burst error, ESP Galuda II Black Label and Akai Katana.

East vs. West: Interview with Keiji Inafune and Hiroyuki Kobayashi
(Oct 29, 2010)

Musings on the influence cultural differences have on the ways we play and create video games.

Al Lowe
(Sep 17, 2010)

The godfather of adult gaming talks about the workings at Sierra in her early days, his design philosophies and the changes in the video game industry since his Leisure Suit Larry series passed its prime.

Hiroshi Ishikawa
(Sep 4, 2010)

John Szczepaniak had a chat with the creator of Kagirinaki Tatakai and Brain Breaker, two really unique and really obscure Japanese home computer games from the 1980's.

Derrik Sobodash
(Jul 13, 2010)

Former fan translator and lecturer of English-language composition at a Chinese university, Derrick Sobodash, aka D, talks about a turbulent life in translations plus his work on Beggar Prince and Heroine Anthem.

Thorsten Nickel
(Jun 11, 2010)

Interview with the German-born actor who starred in Jackie Chan's Thunderbolt and the arcade game Jackie Chan The Kung Fu Master.

The Life and Games of Jeremy Blaustein
(Jun 2, 2010)

Jeremy Blaustein is best known for his localizations of Metal Gear Solid and Shenmue, but he has much more to show off in his portfolio. We are taking an in-depth look at his career and the games he has been involved with.

Masato Kato
(Oct 26, 2009)

Gamers who missed the last 15 years of JRPG history might know him better as Runmaru, one of the key staff members that made the Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the NES what it is. In our interview he lifts many of the mysteries that surround the series.

Localization - Confessions By Industry Legends
(Aug 31, 2009)

Interviews with several pioneers of English game localization. Ted Woolsey, Victor Ireland and Jeremy Blaustein talk about their trade.

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