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Features - History

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Compile Shoot-em-ups - Design Documents and Booklet
(January 2, 2017)

A series of scans of design documents and pamphlets that cover various Compile games, along with a rare music CD.

Inventories: 1980s Video Game Heroines
(updated August 2, 2015)

More than 100 games from the 1980s featuring women in starring or playable supporting roles.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games
(May 9, 2015)

The whole history of video game arcades... within video games.

Game History Casebook: Adventure
(Aug 20, 2012)

Was Warren Robinett's genre-defining game released in 1979 or in 1980? We might never know, even though some pretend they do...

Game History Casebook: Shooting Screens
(Aug 20, 2012)

A compilation of various thoughts on the authenticity in representating vintage games in screenshots.

History of Diehard GameFan Magazine
(Jul 25, 2012)

A huge collection of insider accounts from all over the web about the legendary periodical.

(Jun 2012)

The history of the extraordinarily successful Brazilian distributor for Sega's consoles.

Introduction to the Demoscene
(Nov 6, 2011)

About the subculture of pushing low-tech to its very limits.

Video Game History Casebook
(Sep 9, 2011)

A compilation of research reports and an introduction to video game archaeology.

Retro Japanese Computers: Gaming's Final Frontier
(Oct 1, 2010)

The Japanese personal computer landscape in the 1980s was quite different than the one in the Western world.

A History of Korean Gaming: Part 1
(Jul 13, 2010)

The first in a (probably) three-part series takes a look at the origins of game development in Korea and its ups and downs until the early 1990's.

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