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By Kurt Kalata and Dustin Hubbard

Released in 1986, the Famicom Disk System was an attachment for Nintendo's 8-bit console that allowed for cheap distribution of re-writable games. Many famous titles, including both Legend of Zelda titles, Super Mario Bros. 2, Doki Doki Panic, Metroid, and Kid Icarus were originally released for the platform. Due to technical advances, the system was eventually discontinued and was never released outside of Japan. Much of its library remained Japan-only as well, and has been sparsely documented among the English-speaking retro game world.

Until now. Brought you to by long-standing retro video game website Hardcore Gaming 101, The Complete Guide to the Famicom Disk System includes reviews of every single licensed title (nearly 200) in the Famicom Disk System library - all of the classic Nintendo games (including their unfortunately overlooked adventure games), cult classics by Konami, revolutionary oddities like Otocky, many Zelda clones, numerous tie-ins with late 80s Japanese celebrities, and a large number of subpar licensed games from Bandai. Also includes a look at the many unlicensed titles, a history of the system, and its accessories.

To Purchase:


US Amazon - $25 for paperback, $7.99 for Kindle

UK Amazon - £19 for paperback, £6.50 for Kindle

Also available on all other Amazon Europe sites.

PDF Download

PDF Download at Sellfy - $4.99

Everyone who contributes $5 or more monthly to the site's Patreon will receive free PDF and Kindle MOBI files of the Contra and other Konami Classics book, as well as digital copies of our four most recent books: Contra and other Konami Classics, The Guide to Shoot-em-Ups Vol. 1, Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2, and the The HG101 and Sega Fan Jam 2016 Fanbook, along with the The 200 Best Video Games of All Time book. Please check out this post for the download links.

Everyone who contributes $10 or more monthly to the site's Patreon will receive free PDF and Kindle MOBI files for all of our books, including this one. Make sure to check out this post for the download links.

Though some games here are also covered on the site and in other books, the reviews in the FDS book are newly written and different from the site.

Link no Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2
Super Mario Bros. 2
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic
Nazo no Murasame Jou
Hikari Shinwa: Palthena no Kagami
Famicom Mukashi Banashi - Shin Onigashima
Famicom Mukashi Banashi - Yuuyuuki
Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha
Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo
Idol Hotline - Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School
Time Twist: Rekishi no Katasumi de・br> Ai Senshi Nicol
Almana no Kiseki
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
Esper Dream
Meikyuu Jiin Dababa
Apple Town Monogatari: Little Computer People
Seiken Densetsu: The Emergence of Excalibur
Seiken Psychocalibur - Majuu no Mori Densetsu
Youkai Yashiki
Knight Lore
Monty on the Run - Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou
Kiki Kaikai: Dotou Hen
Wardner no Mori
Relics: Ankoku Yousai
Fire Bam
Kick Challenger - Air Foot - Yasai no Kuni no Ashi Senshi
...and many more!

Interior Preview


The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Bros. 2

Almana no Kiseki

Ai Senshi Nicol

Time Twist

Shin Onigashima

Famicom Detective Part II



Adian no Tsue


Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou

Nazo no Murasamejou

Matou no Houkai

Transformers: The Headmasters

Bishoujo Sexy Derby

Body Conquest I

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