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Deadly Premonition pt. 1
Character Biographies

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Deadly Premonition pt. 2

Page 3:
Interview with SWERY65
Character Concept Artwork

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by Danny Russell - February 20, 2012

Deadly Premonition / Red Seed Profile (レッドシーズプロファイル) - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows (2010)

American Xbox 360 Cover

European Xbox 360 Cover

Japanese Xbox 360 Beta Cover

Japanese Xbox 360 Cover

Deadly Premonition, in its first form, was unveiled during Tokyo Game Show 2007. Previously unannounced, the game trailer showed a moody, atmospheric albeit graphically unimpressive town by the name of "Rainy Woods" - the game's name at the time. The protagonist was introduced as baby-faced FBI Agent David Young Henning.

The trailer showed glimpses of the odd happenings in the town. The body of a young woman named Anna is shown laid out in a morgue while another woman is shown tangled up in a grisly death-trap. Two creepy, elderly twin dwarves chant while making jerky, jarring marionette-like movements in a red room. Glimpses are shown of a dark, axe-wielding figure with glowing red eyes in a long, red coat.

The trailer ends with the David character saying "I finally got to see the real Rainy Woods" while a sultry female lounge singer singing over piano cuts in with a clear "Coming 2008" message emblazoned across the screen. Japanese text comes up at the end and reads "the more it rains, the crazier this town becomes."

This footage received little coverage from the press. Those who did pay attention to it dismissed it as a poor Twin Peaks imitation. After this the game disappeared for some time. This was undoubtedly due to the unashamed Twin Peaks references littered all over the trailer, although Access Games has never touched further on this. During this period a great deal, if not all of the dialogue was re-recorded while a few characters, most notably the protagonist, had their character designs changed.

While the developer, Access Games was (and still is) relatively unknown, their lineage can be traced back to two now defunct development studios. An amalgamation of members from DeepSPACE (Extermination, Hungry Ghosts) and Whoopee Camp (Tomba!, Tomba! 2), Access Games first venture was Spy Fiction which received middling reviews, but is now garnering some belated attention for itself due to two characters in Deadly Premonition having appeared in it first.

Hidetaka Suehiro, better known under his nickname "SWERY," is now the face of Access Games thanks to Deadly Premonition. Despite his familial calling as a Buddhist monk, SWERY realised his passion was for and in the film industry. During his tenure at the Osaka University of Arts and in his theatre troupe he developed his skills in scenario writing, CG, stage lighting and production. Eventually, a friend suggested he consider looking for a job in the games industry. He went for SNK as its headquarters were near his house. In his early days he worked on The Last Blade series for SNK, then joined the DeepSPACE crew.

In February 2010, almost two and a half years later, the game was published for the Xbox 360 by Ignition Entertainment in the USA as the budget title "Deadly Premonition." A month later, the Japanese version, "Red Seeds Profile," hit Japanese shelves at full retail price on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via Marvelous Entertainment. Rising Star Games published a multi-lingual European Xbox 360 release in October after the amount of interest that the region-locked American version garnered.

The quiet, budget American release was greeted by a scathing review from IGN's Erik Brudvig who opened his review with "Deadly Premonition is the definition of a system seller. Once you play it, you'll want to go sell your system" and scored it a "Painful" 2/10. Destructoid's Jim Sterling responded to this with his article "Deadly Premonition is THE greatest game ever made" two days later sharing the now (in)famous "F K... in the coffee!" cutscene followed by his tongue-in-cheek but sincere 10/10 review later that week where he stated "There is absolutely nothing in this industry that can compare to how weird and wonderful the whole experience is." The debate that sprung up from these polarising scores sparked up more interest in and awareness for the game, with Giant Bomb's Endurance Run of the game sealing the deal. These factors combined with an Amazon Deal of the Day catapulted Deadly Premonition to #1 in their Xbox 360 Sales Chart in early April ahead of AAA titles Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. At the time of writing, Xbox 360 sales of the game have reached 140,000 in the USA, 30,000 in Europe and less than 2,000 in Japan.

Deadly Premonition is divided into twenty-seven chapters spread out over eight episodes. The story starts with the body of one Anna Graham being found bound to a red tree in a forest. Our protagonist, Francis "York" Morgan is first seen in the otherworldly "Red Room." This room is where York retreats to when the player either pauses the game, smokes to pass in-game time or when he is having personal troubles he needs to deal with. In this sense it could be seen as part of York's psyche. His character is properly introduced in a cutscene where he is driving, smoking and using his laptop all while deeply engaged in a psychological debate on his phone. After totalling his car and a run-in with the Raincoat Killer he finds himself in Greenvale, ready to take on a series of gruesome murders amid some supernatural goings-on.

Quick Info:


  • Access Games


  • Ignition Entertainment (NA)
  • Marvelous Entertainment (JP)
  • Rising Star Games (EU)


  • Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro



Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

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Francis "York" Morgan

Call him York - that's what everyone calls him. Lover of coffee, cigarettes, punk rock and movies; York is an experienced FBI agent with an eccentric and enigmatic character. He arrives in Greenvale to investigate a possible connection with an earlier case involving the red seeds. He can rub people the wrong way with his city demeanour, but the townspeople gradually warm to him. People around him constantly comment on his facial scar which he insists will heal within a week, much to their disbelief.

Francis "Zach" Morgan

Every so often York raises his hand to his head to speak to Zach. However, it isn't clear to the player just who Zach is. Is he a figment of York's imagination? Is he the player? York has no real qualms about talking to Zach around others, despite the confusion and awkwardness that can ensue.

The Raincoat Killer

A figure seemingly from Greenvale's dark history. Performs grisly ritualistic murders on rainy nights and has some connection to the mysterious red seeds.

George Woodman

Greenvale's Sheriff is not keen on York taking over his murder investigation. A bit of a hard case and not one for showing emotions, he initially belittles and challenges York until eventually opening up. His mother is not well at all.

Emily Wyatt

Greenvale's Deputy Sheriff. She works as an intermediary between York and George and becomes York's sidekick to an extent. Somewhat of an outsider as she hails from Seattle rather than having been born in Greenvale. Despite her love of food, her poor cooking ability has to be seen to be believed. The player takes control of her for one chapter later in the game.

Thomas MacLaine

The sensitive side of Greenvale's police trio. He is the Sheriff's assistant and moonlights as a bartender at Galaxy of Terror. An expert on squirrels from around the world and biscuit cook extraordinaire.

Harry Stewart

An entrepreneur shrouded in mystery for a great deal of the story. He occasionally rolls in on his wheelchair wearing a gas mask to pass messages along to York. Thanks to his father starting the lumber industry in Greenvale he now leads a life of luxury in his mansion.

Michael Tillotson

Harry's well-attired aide and interpreter who speaks in rhymes and riddles. "So says Mr. Stewart."

Anna Graham

The reason for York's trip to Greenvale as she is the Raincoat Killer's first victim in the game. She worked in the A&G Diner as a waitress and was hoping to pursue a career in modelling before her demise.

Becky Ames

Anna's best friend. By the time York arrives in Greenvale she has hidden herself away in her sumptuous home in a mixture of fear and mourning.

Carol MacLaine

The owner of the Galaxy of Terror bar. Lounge singer and sister to Thomas.

Diane Ames

Becky's older sister and the curator of Muses Gallery and something of a predatory seductress in her spare time. Has quite the fixation on tree art. And men.

Isaach and Isaiah Ingram

The twins who discovered Anna's body. They appear in the Red Room from time to time as angels and speak in a knowing and spooky fashion.

Polly Oxford

The old dear of the Grand Deer Hotel, where York is staying. She makes a mean coffee and came second in the Miss Greenvale contest once upon a time.

Douglas "The General" Lysander

Spy Fiction and Vietnam veteran, "The General" now runs the local scrapyard. He's one heck of a mechanic and can fix York's car or provide him with others if York runs some errands for him.

Wesley "The Gunsmith"

More interested in your card collection than selling guns, frequenting Wesley's "Panda Bear" gun store can provide you with special suits and weapons alongside restocking your ammo.

Brian "The Insomniac"

A lifeless graveyard keeper who will kit you out with a very special weapon if you track down some bones for him.

"Roaming" Sigourney

Her pot is getting cold.

Forrest Kaysen

Another returning character from Access Games' Spy Fiction. He's a jolly fellow whose job seems to be selling red tree saplings. He is also staying in the Grand Deer Hotel.


Forrest Kaysen's pet Dalmatian. Emily gets the chance to take him for a walk with Kaysen later in the game.

Ushah Johnson

The doctor in charge of forensic examination. A chess and cheese potato chip enthusiast.

Sallie Graham

Anna's mother. Clearly distraught by her daughter's death, she has taken to drinking in the SWERY '65 darts bar.

Keith Ingram

Father of the Ingram twins and owner of the Milk Barn convenience store. Keen to help York in any way he can. He is a lover of rock music and his guitar.

Lily Ingram

Keith's wife and mother of the Ingram twins. She is the manager of the Milk Barn convenience store which she runs with her husband. Not keen on moving boxes.

Jim Green

Lily's father and the local forest keeper. He discovered Anna's body with his grandsons.

Olivia Cormack

Manager and waitress of the A&G Diner which she owns with her husband. Troubled by Anna's death, she is happy to help York with his line of questioning.

Nick Cormack

Olivia's husband is the best cook in town. He is the genius behind the Sinner's sandwich. Just don't step into his kitchen while he's cooking!

Richard Dunn

Owner of the SWERY '65 darts bar. He and his son are concerned about his childhood friend, Sallie, after the death of her daughter.

Quint Dunn

Richard's son. He is Becky's boyfriend and the SWERY '65 bartender.

Fiona "Freckles"

Receptionist and bespectacled bookworm at the local hospital. She has a crush on Dr. Johnson.

Jack "The Raging Bull"

Owner of the local gas station and all-round charmer. Always ready to begrudgingly fill York's gas tank and help him out if he's been bribed sufficiently.

"Rosy Lips" Gina

The preferred local gas station attendant. She provides one heck of a car wash.

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Page 1:
Deadly Premonition pt. 1
Character Biographies

Page 2:
Deadly Premonition pt. 2

Page 3:
Interview with SWERY65
Character Concept Artwork

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