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Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics

Cover artwork by Rusty Shackles

Are you a bad enough dude to buy this book? Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classic covers the diverse library from the underrated Japanese developer, including golden era classics like BurgerTime and Karate Champ; eccentricities like Karnov and Trio the Punch; outstanding genre pieces like Desert Assault and Night Slashers; licensed titles like RoboCop and Captain America and the Avengers; and cult classics like Boogie Wings and Windjammers. Also included is an extensive examination of their popular competitive puzzle game, Magical Drop, and of course, the ninja-fighting, president-saving Bad Dudes and its pseudo-sequel Two Crude Dudes.

Coming very, very soon!

To Purchase:


US Amazon - $25.00
US Amazon: Kindle - $6.99

UK Amazon - £18
UK Amazon: Kindle

Also available on all other Amazon Europe sites for retail price of 22 euros.

PDF Download

PDF Download at Sellfy - $4.99

Everyone who contributes $5 or more to the site's Patreon will receive free PDF and Kindle MOBI files of HG101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics, as well as digital copies of all other HG101 books. Make sure to check out this post for the download links.

The contents are based on the following articles from the site, rewritten and reedited with even more insight and information!

Lock 'n' Chase
Bump 'n' Jump
Bad Dudes / Two Crude Dudes
Trio the Punch
Bloody Wolf
Midnight Resistance
Desert Assault
The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy
Psycho-Nics Oscar
Heavy Barrel
Sly Spy
Atomic Runner Chelnov
Spin Master / Dashin' Desperados
Cobra Command
Vapor Trail / Rohga
Karate Champ
Joe & Mac
Boogie Wings
Captain Silver
Dark Seal / Gate of Doom / Wizard Fire
Tumblepop / Diet Go Go
Nitro Ball
Magical Drop
Night Slashers
Captain America and the Avengers / Galactic Storm
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
Fighter's History
The Real Ghostbusters (ARC)
Express Raider
Hippodrome / Fighting Fantasy
Mutant Fighter / Death Brade
Darwin 4078 / Super Real Darwin
Tattoo Assassins
Garyo Retsuden
Street Slam
Heavy Smash
And other Data East arcade games!

Interior Preview



Bad Dudes


Atomic Runner Chelnov

Trio the Punch

Darwin 4078

Night Slashers


Boogie Wings

The Real Ghostbusters


Fighter's History


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