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To accompany the HG101 Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which reviews all of Compile's shooters, here is a series of scans of design documents and pamphlets that cover various games, along with a rare music CD. The design documents were supplied by Yuichi Toyama and photographed by John Szczepaniak, as part of the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers project. The interviews with Compile, Raizing, and Technosoft staff will be featured in the upcoming Volume 3.

Aleste Gaiden (アレスタ外伝)

The Guardian Legend (ガーディック外伝)

MUSHA (武者アレスタ)

Aleste no Kiseki (アレスタの軌跡)

Aleste no Kiseki is a 16 page bonus leaflet included with the November 1992 issue of BEEP! Megadrive. Created to promote the release of Dennin Aleste (known as Robo Aleste in North America), it includes a history of the series and how their storylines are linked together, along with interviews with the developers and concepts for other Aleste robots.

Disk Station 1st Anniversary CD

This bonus 8 cm CD was included with the Disk Station #8 for the MSX. It includes three tracks:

1. Blater Burn Dance Remix
2. Aleste 2 Soundtrack (CD Version)
3. Hip House Compile - I'm President Compile

Download here

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