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Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade 2 / On Kengo

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A powerhouse from Okinawa, his entire village was massacred on Hanzaki's orders in the first game for reasons that were never revealed. Following this tragedy, he moved to New York where he worked as a bodyguard before returning to Japan at Mikado's request. Can use throws with every weapon, but his strength allows him to handle the Broadsword with particular ease. His subweapon is the Iron Fan, which is too heavy to be parried effectively or thrown very far.


A maiden at Takara Shrine, where the last descendant of the Kagami family is hidden, she plays a central role in both games. Though fast rather than strong, she is best with large weapons like the Naginata. Her subweapon is the Aikuchi, a weak pocketknife that can be thrown two at a time.


The eldest of the Narukagami, Utsusemi is a master swordsman, Tatsumi's father and the former Kage chief. He has trained many at the Meikyokan and is respected by friend and foe alike. He can use the Two-Swords stance. In the first game, his subweapon was a weak knife, but in the second he can throw his second sword, like all Two-Swords users.


This young student of the Narukagami got involved in the events of the first game when he stumbled upon the existence of the Kage. He left the dojo afterwards to refine his skills by challenging other schools and returned at Mikado's request. His birth hides a predictable plot twist. He's changed a lot between the games; in BB1 he was best with Saber or Sledgehammer and had no subweapon, in BB2 he masters the Nodachi and can use the Two-Sword stance.

Red Shadow

A kunoichi (or female ninja) of Russian origins, she actually belongs to the legendary Koga clan, but is totally dedicated to Utsusemi. She runs significantly faster than most characters and has a great running attack. She's best with the Long Sword, with which she has the Two Swords stance. Throws shuriken in the first game, her second sword in the second.

Black Lotus / Highwayman

An Irishman who came to Japan to live according to the Bushido. Though he maintains a deep respect for Utsusemi, the events of the first game caused him to leave the Narukagami and join the Shainto under a new identity in search of the true way of the samurai. A Rapier master in the first game, he still uses one as a sub weapon and can combine it with a Long Sword in the Two-Sword stance.


A carefree type styled after the ronin of old, he belongs to no particular school but is an acquaintance of Kannuki's. He becomes involved despite himself after saving a mysterious girl near a shrine. He'd rather take it easy than fight, but he's good with a Katana and possesses moves than cover a good distance, along with the Two-Swords stance.


A large foreigner of undisclosed origins, he joined the Meikyokan out of gratitude for Mikado, who helped him out when he arrived in Japan. He speaks slowly and uses simple words, reflecting his basic Japanese in the original version. The Broadsword is a good match for his strength and slow speed, and he throws a weak knife.


A Koga ninja who trained alongside Red Shadow. He has had a crush on her since those days, but hasn't had a chance to talk to her since. He gets involved under her orders. He wears a red uniform similar to what she wore in the first game. He's similarly swift and deadly, but favors the katana and throws shuriken.


One of the unplayable bosses in the first game, where he wielded a unique weapon ressembling a spear with blades on both ends. He can use the Nodachi with the speed and ease of a Katana. He wears strange clothes that make him look like a clown and maintains a joyous attitude, but his ambition is to become the Meikyokan Dojo Master.


Another unplayable boss from the first game, she can be unlocked through Slash mode in the second, where she trades her sword for a large rifle (though she only fires one bullet at a time) and her armor for a sexy outfit. Nothing is known about her. Only playable in VS mode.


Gengoro Narazu

A subleader of the Shainto, he is actually older than Utsusemi, though it doesn't show. He's a strong but swift swordfighter and excels with a Katana or Broadsword. He can also use the Sheathed stance. His only weakness is that his subweapon's a weak throwing knife, but it hardly matters.


Gengoro's adopted son, he is cold and distant, and only fights out of obligation. Among the Shainto, he is regarded as their finest swordsman. Like his father, he favors the Katana and can also use the Sheated stance. His special moves allow him to cover a long distance in a short time, usually following a feint. His subweapon is the Tokko, a two-bladed throwing knife than can kill.

Jo Kotomura

A teenage girl from a family of fish merchants, she believes in the Shainto's teachings with the faith of the newly converted and is eager to prove herself. She's quick but physically weak and fights best with a Long Sword.


The heir to the Shainto clan. Though only a young boy, he grows tired of hiding away in the dojo and joins the battle hoping for excitement. He hides a frog in his kimono, which he can throw at opponents to shock them before finishing them off.


The Elder of the Shainto and, judging by his old-fashioned Japanese Navy uniform, a decorated war veteran. He wants to prove that he's still got it despite his age. He's best with the Nodachi. His specialty is a war cry that can stun opponents, however it sometime throws him into a coughing fit that leaves him vulnerable.


A brash loudmouth type who comes on to every woman he meets, he maintains a one-way rivalry with Kaun, who surpasses him in everything but couldn't care less. He's an agile fighter who excels with a Long Sword, but his subweapon is pretty useless.


Trained by Isohachi, he first shows up as one of the secret bosses in the first game, before becoming playable in the second. It seems he has lost a fight to Tatsumi before and wants to settle the score, perhaps implying that Tatsumi's secret ending to the first game is cannon. He also seems to know Kannuki. Like him, he's slow, strong and can use throws with any weapon. His subweapon is an handaxe that can deal fatal damage.

Tony Umeda

A funky American who sometimes speak in rhymes. He sports a large afro and appears to be a disco dancer. Though he's been a Shainto for a long time, he doesn't hang out at the dojo and no one seems to know him. Despite being treated as comic relief, he's not a bad character; he runs as fast as the ninjas, and he can use the Sheathed stance with a katana. His subweapon is a pair of boomerangs that come back to him if they miss their target.


A foreign killer-for-hire who uses a pistol, he can be unlocked through Slash mode in both games. Originally hired by Kage-chief-gone-bad Hanzaki, he shows up on the Shainto side the second time around. Only playable in VS mode.

Bosses / Misc.


The main boss of the first game, Hanzaki was the Meikyokan dojo master until he was possessed by the Yugiri and his evil actions precipitated his death, though it is hinted that there may be more behind it all.


A mysterious warrior in heavy samurai armor, who appears as the secret final boss in three of the first game's characters' stories.

The Tatara Shrine Priest

Final boss of the Shainto path, he teleports whenever he's hit, but reappears a little closer everytime. He must be stricken before he can get back up.

The Shainto Leader

Final boss of the Narukagami path, he wields heavy armor that makes him invulnerable, safe for one weak spot. He actually says his name before you confront him, but the American pronunciation makes it impossible to understand.

The Kabukis

One can be unlocked for each side in Bushido Blade 2. They do not feature in the story in any way.

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Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade 2 / On Kengo

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