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About Hardcore Gaming 101

About Us


Submission Guidelines

About Us


Kurt Kalata

Nickname: Discoalucard

Contact info: Email, Twitter

Profile: Head Editor. SHOPPING PLEASE!

Works: Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents (books), All

Sam Derboo

Contact info: Email, Twitter

Profile: History buff who likes to wade through old dusty magazines and books for days on end to find useless facts about ancient games, and sometimes likes to translate stuff from Korean. I'm mostly responsible for how good/bad the site looks and functions. Love barely playable CRPGs, weird adventures, cheesy horror, and old-fashioned 2D action-platformers.

Works: History of Korean Gaming, Wizardry, All

Chris Rasa

Nickname: Neo Rasa

Contact info: Email, Twitter

Profile:Born in Brooklyn, lived in New Jersey for a bit, moved right back. I like all types of games, but I have an unhealthy obsession with SNK, horror, and cyberpunk.

Works: The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Batman (Sunsoft), All


Actual Name: Michael P.

Contact info: Email

Profile: Been trapped in Pennsylvania for too long. Been gaming since two years old and probably not stopping despite being disillusioned with the game industry of today. Most favored genres are action-platformers, shoot-em-ups, and fighting games, though I'll try anything at least once if I find it interesting enough. Favorite band is Rush, favorite movie is Robocop, and favorite food is Raspberry cheesecake, the three R's of stuff that doesn't suck.

Works: ActRaiser, Indiana Jones SCUMM Games, Raiden, All

Christopher J. Snelgrove

Nickname: CJ Iwakura

Profile: Seeing as how his real name is Christopher J. Snelgrove, he can only truly claim two of his moniker's initials. Those who know the origin of the surname, know. Born and raised in Florida, something few will dare admit to. Christopher primarily writes for HG101, and occasionally conjures up needlessly thorough threads on assorted gaming and/or media subject matter for message boards. When not replaying obscure rhythm games that only five people know exist (like UNiSON: look it up), he also has a penchant for White Wolf's World of Darkness RPG series, assorted kinds of music, and just about any kind of game genre worth checking out.

Works: Deception, Castle of Shikigami, All


Actual Name: Ed B.

Contact info: Email

Profile: Terminally obsessed with the 1990s and every single facet of them. My jam is about 80% action games, and my best genres are usually platformers (especially mascot platformers), fighting games (especially in the Mortal Kombat style), and classic FPSes (especially anything like Doom). However, I'm always branching out into other genres, even if I'm terrible at them. I'm also always on the lookout for obscure games, particularly ones from the shareware era. When it comes to other hobbies, I dabble in tabletop RPGs, both running and playing them, and I enjoy writing every so often. Self-titled sixth ranger and main livestream runner of the Game Club 199X crew.

Works: Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, GC9X: Plok, Gex, Ardy Lightfoot, All

Corwin Brence

Nickname: wildweasel

Contact info: Email

Profile: Oregon-native, 14-year veteran of the Doom modding community, have been writing fiction and game reviews since I was 13. I'm really picky about how guns feel in video games. I'm a nut for first-person shooters, turn-based strategy RPGs, and anything that allows me to explore.

Works: Wolfenstein, 21st Century Pinball, Katawa Shoujo, All


Actual Name: Thomas B.

Contact info: Email

Profile: I am a guy that plays lot of games, then uses his voice to talk about those games on the monthly podcast! Generally enjoys games of all kinds, but prefers classic FPS games and action RPGs.

Works: GC9X: Vagrant Story, GC9X: Electro Man, Bio-Hazard Battle, All

Charles G.

Nickname: Gilder

Contact info: Twitter

Profile: Not a bad enough dude to rescue the president, but semi competent in HTML formatting and not writing articles since 2009. I do things and such in the state of Pennsylvania. My favorite video game of all time will always and forever be Jet Set Radio.

Works: Elevator Action, Punch-Out!!, Citizen X, All


Profile: A Canadian long-time denizen of the old Classicgaming.com and Home of the Underdogs forums. I tend to stick with adventure games, action-adventures, RPGs, platformers, and puzzle games.

Works: Sanitarium, Hotel Dusk, Live-A-Live, All


Profile: Long, long ago, there were a man who try to make his skill ultimate. Because of his bloody life, it's no accident that he was involved in the HG101 podcast.

Works: GameClub 199X

Legal Disclaimer

All images, audio samples and other documents reproduced on this website appear under the banner of fair use as supplemental material to support critical and historical writing. All materials are copyright of their respective rights holders.

Frequent sources for scans of covers and flyers include Mobygames, GameFAQs, ExoticA, The Arcade Flyer Archive, SMS Power, Museum of Computer Adventure Game Histyory and the Game Industry Dictionary's flyer collection.

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